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Recent content by Gogs Singh

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    The Test Of Faith

    theres people starving all over the world,theres people in war all over the world.women and children are forced too sell there bodys all over the world and countless other evil acts are being comited.too be onist for any one of us too put our fears and worrys above anyone elses is a selfish...
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    Considering Leaving Sikhism Due To Kirpan

    first of all take amrit properly and then worry about carring a sri sahib
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    General Sikh Journalist Throws Shoe At Chidambaram

    good lad !god less ya mate!
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    dear mai jee thankyoufor your reply.as a sikh i am first and formost a a member of the khalsa army that guru gobind singh jee created.for me the dastar of a sikh is a statement to everyone that sees you telling them that they are safe because a member of gods army is hear.a sikh is not hear to...
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    Sikh News Against Ignorance And Hatred: Balmeet Singh's Journey

    satsiriakaal baljit jee.after hearing your story may i say i was extreamly distressed.beeing singh myself and growing up in england i have come across violent racesism many times from whites muslims hindus and blacks.the only way iv found to deal with this is thruogh guruhargobinds meeri and...
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    what has this got to do with sikhism?i mean if your gona waste your time please think of somthin creative .