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Recent content by gjsingh

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    Meditation or Dhyaan

    The only mantra I need is Waheguru. As Gurbani states, it is not given by some pakhandi baba, it is given by Waheguru directly, as Waheguru wishes, as a matter of grace rather than my own effort. That is my limited understanding of "Ko Nanak Guru mantar dridhaya" anyways. What do I know!
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    Meditation or Dhyaan

    I think special mantras, breathing, and postures don't have any true benefit. If it were so, then why are yogis, gurus, fakirs, etc., all perverts, thieves, and goondas almost to a man? Wouldn't the purported benefits prevent this, at least some of the time? Unfortunately, many Sikhs and others...
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    Hard Talk Taking Sikhi Back to 1468

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    Finding a Sangat

    Hold fast to SGGS. Everything must be judged by that yardstick.
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    Why Are So Many, More And More Sikh Women Dating/marrying Hindu Men?

    I married a Christian woman. It was based on love not an arrangement. Would I have done it again if I knew everything I know now back then? I am not sure. However, she has more Sikh values than many, many pagh wearing so-called amritdharis I have met. Of course, I have never even been to the...
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    Living with a Orthadox Gursikh family

    Many people I have met in my life keep the 5 K's but are inwardly as far from Nanak as can be. Moreover, I was forced to keep 5 K's as a child but had zero instruction on the true meaning of Sikhi. Life is full of mysteries like this.
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    Gendered Translations of Gurbani

    In English, Spanish, etc. the grammatically correct way to refer to an person in the abstract historically has been to use "he", "him", and so on. Going back to Old English, "Waepman" meant a human with male genitalia, "Woman" meant a human with female genitalia, and "Man" was used to refer to...
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    Sikhi on Forms of Government

    In order to address this question it first has to be established, does Sikhi mandate or have anything to do with a particular form of government? I think it is far from clear that this is this case. Setting aside that problem, there are many examples of ostensibly devout Sikhs who arguably...
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    What is Religion?

    Do many sikhs believe that they are such by birth? Yes, it must be admitted. Does the Guru?
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    Jagmeet Singh and 18 other Sikhs Win MP Seats In Canada

    As far as I know, the only important "Sikh" politician in the USA right now is that atrocious idiot, Nikki Haley.
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    Jagmeet Singh and 18 other Sikhs Win MP Seats In Canada

    Is the Gora sikh Martin Singh still serving? If so, that means 19 Sikhs total, does it not?
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    Jagmeet Singh and 18 other Sikhs Win MP Seats In Canada

    More Sikh MPs elected to Canada’s House of Commons than India’s Lok Sabha https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/world/more-sikh-mps-elected-to-canadas-house-of-commons-than-indias-lok-sabha-4561011.html [haumai] But seriously though, this reflects pretty damn well on Canada. Never would happen in...
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    Jagmeet Singh and 18 other Sikhs Win MP Seats In Canada

    Supposedly there are more Punjabi speakers than French speakers in Canada now!
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    Jagmeet Singh and 18 other Sikhs Win MP Seats In Canada

    Hmm... 18 Punjabis or 18 Punjabi Sikhs?