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Recent content by freespirit

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    Gay Marriage - Should It Be Banned?

    It's none of our business. My opinion of gay marriage is simply expressed in six words: It is none of our business. If we are not gay then it shouldn't be a problem to us. It is the gay population's business. It affects their lives...intimately, spiritually, etc...not ours. We are on...
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    Introducing Myself

    Thank You for your wishes. Hello everyone...Jaskeerat here. Thank You so much for the birthday wishes...that was ver very thoughtful on your part. I'm sorry I haven't been able to post but I'm in the middle of writing two stories...so after I am done writing a chapter or two the computer...
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    What Does It Mean To Say Someone Is Pure. To Say Something Is Pure?

    What is pure? What does it meant to say someone or something is pure? I believe that being pure is impure in itself. Sincerely, Jaskeerat (free spirit)
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    Introducing Myself

    Thank You all for your warm welcome. I know I will enjoy it here. ---Jaskeerat
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    Introducing Myself

    Hello Everyone Hello Everyone, My name is Jaskeerat Kaur Malik. I just found this site and I am so interested to read others views on Sikhism. ----Free Spirit (Jaskeerat)
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    Should Rehatanams Be Amended With Changing Times

    Saihajleen Kaur ji, Guru Fateh. I am confused by your response. It seems the first part contradicts the second one. Can you please elaborate what you mean? Thanx Peace & Love Tejwant