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Recent content by etinder

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    MYTHS IN BHAI GURDASS/GURBANI - Should We Worship/respect Them? Or Not

    Respected Gyaniji its a real treat to read your posts and loved the hannibal lecter's analogy too just read red dragon n hannibal by thomas harris.. guru fateh n please keep the stream of gyan flowing
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    Finally A New SPN On The Horizon!

    Great Job Aman veer Guru fateh
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    Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale - A Sikh Preacher Or A Fake?

    Veer Rajvir jio.. Just for your information..the above shabds you quoated they are gurbani: For your reference 1: Har hat bhi tu tu kare (can you please give the second line too) cudnt recall this one 2.) Kaali Koel tu Kit gun kaali : Rag Soohee: Pg 794, Bani Bhagat Sheikh Farid ji 3) Har...
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    The Concept Of "Suchham" In Sikhi

    What do you think of the concept of "sucham " in Sikhi, what is its validity? Is it another brahamanic- ritualistic inheritance? And to what extent is "Jooth" and "such" is important to an Amritdhari sikhs life? gurufateh
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    Two Questions On Sikhism

    very aptly put gyaniji gurufateh
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    Anti Sikh Site

    Re: Anti Sikh site. Just check this link.. http://www.geocities.com/islam_sikhism/theo/nir_1/nir1.htm It seems like there is a difference in how the site is beginning..with all those shaking hands icon..but inside they are trying to refute the baani. please check the above article and...
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    Important Annoucement

    yeah it looks great..
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    That Is Why I Have Kesh (Hair)

    Re: That is why I have Kesh respected amarpal veer ji n gyani ji you wont even realise how fortunate and blessed we feel having you on the forums and really appreciate your efforts and thoughts..as lot many times your posts have made my day may guru ji bless you all with chardi kala always...
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    What Do You Think About This Super Cutie!

    hehehe ao true..:wah:
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    Sikh Rehat Marayada And The Treatment Of Disabled Persons

    Re: At Least For Decency i never even knew that... :(
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    Working With Other Religious Groups To Achieve A Common Goal?

    yeah i have worked with different religious organisations in newyork after 911 attacks and overall i consider it enriching, although different styles but overall were able to achieve a bit.
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    Age Of Aquarius

    I dont know of any straight refernce to age of aquarius in SGGS but i am no sikh scholar myself..so cant say for sure but i found a very informative article by Ms Naomi Bennett http://www.accessnewage.com/articles/astro/ageaq1.htm and...
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    A Real Life Experience Of A Young Lady With Sikhi In Russia And How It All Happened

    may guru's blessings are always with you
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    Naked Eyes

    wow guru mehar kare :wah:
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    wow amazing.thx amerikaur ji we see the existence of god in the lil miracles happening around us all the time..its just that we are too blind ..and dont realize may guru bless us and gives us the intellect to identify and recognize Him all around us. guru fateh