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Recent content by eropa234

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    Christianity Sikhism In The Light Of Bible

    It is not his fault. He only knows what he reads in the books written by Sikhs on Gurbani. As a matter of fact vast majority of Sikhs have no idea what Gurbani is. To them its book worshiping. I love the poetry of Guru Teg Bajadar and Bhagat Kabir. I understand very little from the rest of...
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    Atheism Do You Believe In Waheguru

    It does not work. The truth is that regardless the babies believe in life after the delivery or not there always be a loving mother. Neither babies have to pray or follow any ritual in order to get mothers love. At the time of delivery no one has to pray to mother (God) to give the baby space on...
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    Viva La Vaisakhi 2013

    In deed the event of Vasakhi is a very important for the humanity. It was on that day five people got up to give their heads, in that those were the people of knowledge who understood the teachings of Guru and realized that a Jivit Murtik does not require head. Today I do not see that spirit...
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    What Is Prayer? Should Sikhs Pray?

    Praying is waste of time there is no one at the other end listening to it. Even if there were I would say they know better than you and does not require your " recommendations " I find Gurbani very interesting. The only way to benefit from it is to study it, draw wisdom and truth from it and...
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    Meditate - How, What, Where And When?

    Kaha Bhayo jo dou lochan moond kay, baith rahio bak Dhyan lagai Nahat phiryo liya saat samundran, lok gayo parlok gavaio. SGGS What are you trying to gain by closing both your eyes with your mind focused. looking for holy places to bath while seven seas are with your self when life is wasted...
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    Sikh Girls: A Confused Lot. Are Parents To Blame?

    You are not confused at all its the environment that is confused. Gurbani gives gives you a way to think with knowledge. Alcohol should not be consumed because its bad for you. Many medications contain alcohol and its ok to consume it as a proscription. Yes there is double standard in our...
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    UK Higher Education, Is It A Birthright?

    Education is not a birth right. In UK they have almost everything birth right. They have a huge national debit increasing every day. They waste a lot of money and a lot of money is given out as AID to other countries while cutting back on expenses they should not. I think some of the higher...
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    Why Sadh Sangat? Why Not Go It Alone?

    SSA One who is in the companion of truth is in the company of all, in that one find the peace called god.
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    Japji Translation Questions

    My advise to you is do not get stuck at a few words of Gurubani approach it with its collective wisdom. For example Bani states " Sukh Dukh dono sum kar Jano', these are very simple and straightforward words with clear meaning. Knowing the meaning would not help at all, after reading you will...
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    Hukam And Medical Treatment

    In that case how does mind or body deal with viruses, bacteria and genetic makeup of human body. Most of these elements are external and what about weakening of the immune system simply due to age.
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    Hukam And Medical Treatment

    It doesn't state anywhere. Examples set by our Gurus were guided by knowledge and wisdom. I am in full agreement with your train of thoughts here To give you my humble viewpoint (and I stand to be corrected). I guess the best way to explain this may be via the Camel story: My definition...
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    Hukam And Medical Treatment

    Can you point to me where does in Sri Guru Granth Sahib its stated that you must preserve your body in its original state.
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    Why Should We Read Guru Granth Sahib, When We Cannot Understand A Single Word?

    This is so true. Surface reading alone is only a start one must dive deep to find the treasure. Understanding is utterly important. It is good for a young kid to go through the experience of reading Guru Bani. Understanding has a direct relationship with trial and turbulence of life as an adult...
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    Why Should We Read Guru Granth Sahib, When We Cannot Understand A Single Word?

    I read almost every day for the past 15 years and realy enjoy reading Thank you Tejwant Singh Ji.
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    Why Should We Read Guru Granth Sahib, When We Cannot Understand A Single Word?

    I fully agree with your statement. The story above is in relation to a Basket, that has residue of coal in it, has a hole in it and the object is to fetch water with it. I am sure that basket had been used at least once to fetch coal despite the hole in it. If the kid had brought mangoes in it I...