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Recent content by CaramelChocolate

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    Is There Any Reason Only One Gurdwara Prints Official Copies Of Sri Guru Granth Sahib

    Re: Is there any reason only one gurdwara prints official copies of Sri Guru Granth S I cannot speak for this individual and their methods, but from my recent research: With regards to the pen, the pen used to write Indic scripts in a calligraphic manner or for such a use as the Guru Granth...
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    Sunny Leone Should Be Excommunicated?

    If the following were good enough for the Gurus to contribute to the Guru Granth Sahib, then why do Sikhs take such a strong stance against hair cutters? : Kabir, Namdev, Ravidas, Sheikh Farid, Trilochan, Dhanna, Beni, Sheikh Bhikan, Jaidev, Surdas, Parmanand, Pipa, Ramanand Sadhna: 1 hymn A...
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    Sikhism And Gender Variant Identities

    I appreciate this is a controversial topic but none the less I feel it should be discussed as in the intersex community there is a high suicide rate. How does Sikhi 'deal' (sorry I could not think of a better word) with the 'issue' of intersexuality and transgenderism. On one hand Sikhism is...
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    Wheelchair Not Allowed In Gurdwaras?

    I think this whole problem is part of a wider issue. I think that Gurdwaras are in need of a reform. Their should be a basic retainment of the program and basic rules - i.e. Guru Granth Sahib Ji may only be read to others by an Amritdhari etc. But the following should be done: A - Translation...
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    Gurmukhi Script - Question Regarding Origin And Gurbani Writings

    thank you so much - i am extremely grateful. i will be studying this in detail :blueturban:
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    Wheelchair Not Allowed In Gurdwaras?

    No offence intended, but I felt this post was rather wishy-washy. All types of discrimination are wrong. Did you even read my post properly? Barring ANY minority from a Gurdwara is equally wrong. Barring blacks/afro-carribbean - wrong Barring wheelchair users - wrong Barring anyone - WRONG! I...
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    Gurmukhi Script - Question Regarding Origin And Gurbani Writings

    hi thanks, this thread really helps a lot. does anyone (or yourself) know where i can see (or see images of online) the original writings of guru nanak sahib jee?
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    Wheelchair Not Allowed In Gurdwaras?

    Sat Sri Akaal, Outrage. That's exactly what I felt when I read your post. Such policy not only breaks modern ideas of equality and equality laws in Britain, but also completely contradicts EVERYTHING that Sikhism stands for. Such a policy is no different to having a sign which says 'no blacks...
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    Gurmukhi Script - Question Regarding Origin And Gurbani Writings

    no reply... can anyone recommend me as to where i should look for an answer on this? thanks.
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    UK Jonathan Aitkens Girl Alexandra Sikhs New Lifestyle

    to anyone interested, i have just seen on the news where they show what the headlines will be covering in the newspapers tomorrow. i think it was either the guardian or may be the daily mail - but they are covering her wedding. in the photo on the front she is wearing a dastar. so if anyone from...
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    General DVDs For Sale - Amar Khalsa, Sahibzadey, Rise Of Khalsa

    yes, I am only conducting these transactions via eBay for my own safety and that of the buyer so all transaction details would go through on their (address and money on paypal etc.) thanks for clarifying this to members
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    General DVDs For Sale - Amar Khalsa, Sahibzadey, Rise Of Khalsa

    SSA to all, I hope this is being posted in the correct place (please move mods if not). I am selling the following Sikh-related DVDs, I have never watched them and so I decided it is best to pass them on to someone who will appreciate and watch them. There is no reserve on them, and starting...
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    Islam Muslim-Sikh Unmarried Relationship In The UK

    Conversion to any religion for anything other than faith is wrong, I can agree on that. But conversion in general being wrong, I think you are very wrong here. It is about conviction and principle. Sikhism would not exist today if the Gurus simply stuck with their birth religions, and you would...
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    UK Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Asian Men, White Women And A Taboo That Must Be Broken

    I find it interesting how you feel there is a generalisation and racial tarring here. Yet it is not ok for a South Asian person to be a 'coconut', meaning that an South Asian person should not act White, as if there is something bad in acting white. People should be free to behave how they...
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    UK Sikh Priest On Glasgow Temple Sex Charge

    a think a spiritual lesson is to be learnt when we hear stories like these, and indeed sggs talks about this issue too. and that is a spiritual/religious experience is easy to achieve but it is much harder to purify the soul. therefore dont assume things based upon appearances as holiness comes...