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Recent content by Bmandur

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    Sikh Giani/Gyani/Brahmgiani?

    Re: Giani/gyani/brahmgiani ?? Waheguru ji Ka khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki fateh Gyani: Is someone learned in the Sikh religion and who often leads the congregation in prayers, such as Ardas, or in singing (kirtan). The word "Ghian" in Punjabi means knowledge. So a "gyani" is someone who has...
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    Society Letter To My Sikh Son: Be Proud Of Your Identity

    Very thoughtful advice we should all read and spread this message what Guru Ji said Thank you for sharing BInder Kaur
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    General How Should We Really Celebrate Gurpurabs

    I would love to get the children get together while they are running at the Gurudwars, Make them sit next to me & share our Sikh History with them Ask them questions share there thoughts about our religion Waheguru sanu sariyan nu samat davey
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    Gurus 4 Gurus 6 Gurpurabs - April 16 And 18

    very nice & hard work is done for all these itihasik Videos in Punjabi & english
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    Prof Sarbjit Singh Dhunda V/s Akal Takht

    Re: Prof Sarbjit Singh Dhunda. How sad They must received the share from (Deravaad)there Golak that is whyNo spashati karan nothing. Money Talksjapposatnamwaheguru:
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    Prof Sarbjit Singh Dhunda V/s Akal Takht

    Boycott Prof Sarbjit Dhunda – Sri Akaal Takht Sahib Aadesh Jan 3, 2012 by SSNews It was inevitable, even though his biggest sin was criticism of Jaap Sahib. His missionary friends defended that by saying that the CD was doctored (looks like thats the only excuse these missionaries come up with...
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    Leisure Speedy Singhs

    I would love to see The whole game played by Sikh with Dastaar on full singh no hair cut at all. It will prove that Sikh with turban can play on the Ground with no matter which sport it is.
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    Should We Serve Alcohol As Guru Ka Langar?

    Re: To celebrate or not? Guru Ka Meet ji, I would like to seethat invitation says Guru ka Langar and they were serving the No veg thing & Alchohal I need the printing proof with the card holder name & phone number so we can verify that Otherwise do not twist the words. If it was different...
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    Controversy Surrounding Prof Darshan Singh Ji

    Breed Calling others Clown, It shows what value you have in your life. Sikhs are always open for discussion some you do not like lets talk calling by names doesn’t make you better than anyone else.<?"urn:<img src=" /> Thank you
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    Controversy Surrounding Prof Darshan Singh Ji

    I do not Support your thoughts some one hacked in to my loging to support your thought so I am taking it back. I Do not support your Thoughts. I do belive in Prof Darshan Singh Khalsa and he is the only one who can stand and doing so. Bhul Chul Maaf
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    Controversy Surrounding Prof Darshan Singh Ji

    Davinder Dhanjal ji, You are right on some point. #1)Create at least one Sikh University outside of India (UK, Canada or USA etc.) to produce Khalse protectors of Sikhi and its teaching and Scriptures. But first we have to work the ROOTS. Roots are our youths. We are trying our best to show or...
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    The 4 Classes Of Sikhs And The Destruction Of Sikhism

    This is why stay in your religon no matter who are Sikh, Hindu Muslim or Christn it's better to sail a boat with your own two hands.
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    Why Are We Not Allowed To Cut Hair When It's Ok To Cut Nails, Since Both Are Created By God?

    Sangat Ji, First I would like to request you read it very carefully than think what you have written based on your needs. You can not comment on Sikh Men We are proud to be a Sikh Now: Emblem of Honor (Long Hair) Like his predecessors, the tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh kept long hair and...
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    Controversy Surrounding Prof Darshan Singh Ji

    Re: Prof Darshan Singh Ji Ragi Very soon you will see the changes of our religion. Hindu's will not stand any other Religion than Hindu how they are working to finish US. Sikh Com openrup your eyes. watch part 1,2,3,4 http://youtu.be/XhGYOHwrlbg