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Recent content by ballym

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    Interfaith Interfaith Dialogue: A Perspective from Sikhism

    What about actual practices of current world. Why Sikhs are fleeing India... like Buddhist did long back?
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    Sunny Leone Should Be Excommunicated?

    SGGS Ji HAS references about not indulging in persons other than your wife/husband. Secondly... SGGS Ji does not give a list... of do and dont's. It is holy book for people so one will always find daily life references. The poetic lines are there as guide... We can not go in semantics...
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    Humanism Life Of Pi

    I fully agree with this. Oh My God could have gone to higher level in second half but they got scared of doing it i guess because there were such DIRECT statements in first half. But it still gave much better message than Life of Pi where you have to make your own interpretation and focus.
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    Sunny Leone Should Be Excommunicated?

    First off, our Gurus never asked us to judge a person by what JOB they do. I would appreciate her for her boldness in accepting what she does. Everyone of us do all or some of 5 kurehits( bad habits?) or whatever u call it. and we are also equally responsible by being a purchaser of her or...
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    Will Sikhism Last Forever?

    Re: Will Sikhism Last Forever ? Sir, please .... take part in the discussion ....
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    Controversial Melodies Mentioned In Sikh Scriptures?

    Prakash ji is asking if you have some example/ reference so that we can discuss. Unless you are just trying to do something else. You can not just ask something without any thoughts/study/ reference of yours. Internet is a great source. Just find some material...and then start the topic...
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    Will Sikhism Last Forever?

    Re: Will Sikhism Last Forever ? If they continue to call only khalsa as sikhs, insist on vegetarianism, try to look down on people with shorn hairs, then it may not last longer. I think that is the game plan in India. They are taking them away by making sikhism as hard core one , i.e., must...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Indira Gandhi's Last Battle

    The role of Gen S K Sinha and his refusal to lead an armed assault does not leave a doubt about what could have been done. It is straight from a person who was in the middle of all and was requested/ordered. He refused it , not once but many times , ultimately leading to his resignation. No...
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    Dancing To Kirtan?

    Most people take a line of holy book and interpret it out of context or just literal meaning. Confusion about meat eating is one example.guru sahiban never wrote a rule book like ten commandments. However, wholesome interpretation can lead to useful guide. The references to dancing / meat...
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    UK Sikh At Queen's Jubilee

    It is our practice of closinng our eyes which allows such opportunistics to steal limelight in our Gurudwaras/ social organisations and they are SEEN as benevolent. Inside he may not be.The details of his acts( repeated acts) makes him unsuitable and shameful for us. I am not saying that I can...
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    The True Sikhism

    I would appreciate if you discuss this on wider audience. Sikh religion is very small one for your great research. Your sample size will not be statistically acceptable. Discuss it on Christian/ Hindu/ Muslim/ Bouddh forums and let us do our meditation in peace
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    Legal Cash Limit

    A person coming into India from abroad can bring with him foreign exchange without any limit. However, where the aggregate value of foreign exchange in the form of foreign currency notes, bank notes, travelers' checks, etc., exceeds $10,000 (out of which there is a separate ceiling on currency...
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    The True Sikhism

    I do not agree to what is written above. Can we get any reference? Or is it some mischief to people start getting these points in discussion and start a debate and give these points some legitimacy?
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    Islam Rights Of The Husband Over His Wife

    Just to thank God that you are born in sikh household which gives freedom and yet binds you to the God, unlike western world where freedom may have gone too far. Sikhs have embraced good things from western world too. Thank you once again. enjoy music and japo satnaam japposatnamwaheguru:
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    Which Puts You To Sleep/Relaxes Fastest?

    relaxing breathing while lying down. WAAHE( while breathing in) and Guru( breathing out). I do it very often.