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    Wheelchair Not Allowed In Gurdwaras?

    If legitimate, there should have been an accompanying explanation. A not entirely impossible explanation might be that the premises unfortunately are built in a way that for practical/legal/insurance reasons makes wheelchair access difficult or even dangerous. In such a case, there should be...
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    A Reflection - Sikhs And Christmas

    For celebrations in yet another country... The Swedish Monarch, according to our Constitution, has to embrace the "pure, evangelical creed ...", and until recently the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden was the "State Church". But we never ever celebrated "Christmas". It was always...
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    SALDEF California Museum Removes Anti-Sikh Exhibit

    You're kidding, right?
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    Why Didn't Obama Mention Sikhs In His Inaugural Address?

    Living rather half the Earth away from those happenings, I think it's mostly a matter of statistics and general US ignorance. Your current President probably knows lots more than most USAians on ethnological/religional/cultural interactions and problems that might arise in such areas, and seems...
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    Do You See Differences Or Similarities ?

    It seems that nobody has taken up the OP challenge, so here goes. If you simplify graphics enough they'll all look similar. But out of the three OP examples, the Jewish menorah (chandelier) is the only one that clearly has seven parts (for seven candles). It can be discussed if the number...
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    Many (most?) people love to see patterns. "Wow, my grocery bill is $35, and I'm 35 years old! That must mean something!!" There's a lot of self-fullfilling aspects here. For years, you haven't noticed brand X cars. Then you think that you might buy their latest model. All of a sudden, you...
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    General Can Men And Women Be Friends ?

    From my experience and point(s) of view, I don't even understand why the question needs to be put. I'm as puzzled as when a boss-to-be asked if I could imagine working in a project with a (even slightly younger, I think) female in charge. I answered that competence matters, not gender. Am I...
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    General How Many Languages?

    Re: How many languages ? Swedish: "Ingenting är beständigt utom förändring." "Man kan inte stiga ned i samma flod två gånger eftersom det varje gång är nytt vatten som flyter in". A Buddhist could have said that. Probably, Heraclitus didn't. Perhaps, Plutarch did, trying to explain...
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    Leisure Chinese Man Speaking Punjabi !

    Nah, not that strange. After all, the Chinese are practically neighbours to the Panjab. My Swedish university very Swedish Sikhism teacher is fluent in Panjabi, and has recommended that I (100% unexcitingly pure Swede for at least as many years as we have records for = until early 14th C)...
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    General Things People Do

    Thank you! I'm getting closer. On my next gurwara visits, I'll have a better idea on what to ask.
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    General Things People Do

    Thank you. But I still have questions. At, I think, Bangla Sahib, there was a sign, "Take slip for karah parshad from here". That was outside of the darbar, so it surely had nothing to do with the daswandh. The slip collection boxes I noticed were, now that I have had a few minutes to review my...
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    General Things People Do

    ** Bump ** Could you please at least tell me if you don't understand what I'm asking, or don't know about my questions, or whatever?
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    General Where Are You From?

    Re: From where are you? Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden's 2nd largest town.
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    Why Do Humans Fear Death?

    In a slightly different order, Only sentient life would know that death is to be expected. Immortal? Too hypothetical, but the risk is, that it would be terribly boring when you have experienced all that you can imagine. That statement leads me to my personal view. I think that I have...
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    Sikhism Problems In A Foreign Land

    Why go for the mainstream? There is no standard headgear in Sweden, and beards signify nothing special. One Sikh who showed his kirpan in class caused a court process, in which it was decided that the kirpan is not a weapon banned by the (very severe) Swedish laws on carrying potentially...