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Recent content by amrit

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    Sayyed Jaani Ji

    http://www.amritworld.com/guruhistory/sayyed_jaani.html Sayyed Jaani Ji (Amrit Pal Singh 'Amrit') Those people are fortunate, who work hard to experience the Truth. One needs a true Guru, with the purpose of experience the Reality. To experience the Truth, we need to pass through a...
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    Sardar Jokes And Hindus' Rights To Free Speech

    there is an SMS, which was being sent here in India. It says: - Sardar ek vichitra prani hai. yeh punjab ke junglon mein paya jata hai. gurpurav ke din yeh bhari sankhya mein dekhne ko milte hain. langar hi in ka paushtik aahaar hai. jab yeh janam lete hain ati sundar lagte hain, lekin umar...
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    Many Happy Returns For Day Amrit Pal Singh "Amrit" Ji

    :) Oh here too...... :oohyeah: I am very thankful to all of you.
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    Sehajdari Sikhs As SGPC Voters

    Re: History of Sehajdari Sikhs ?? Dear Veer Aman singh Ji and Veer Gyani Jarnail Singh Ji, it is your bigheartedness, otherwise I am nothing. Thank you very much.
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    Where Is River Saarsa ?

    Re: Where is river Sirsa ? While going to Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji from Ropar, we cross 'Sarsa'. We pronounce it 'Sarsaa'.
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    Tall Tales Masquarading As "history" Must Be Discarded

    Is 'Gur Bilas P. 6' banned, or is just an edition, which is edited by G. Joginder Singh Vedanti, banned?
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    Sehajdari Sikhs As SGPC Voters

    Re: History of Sehajdari Sikhs ?? http://www.amritworld.com/rahatnama_bhai_chaupasingh_ik_adhiyain/sahajdhari.pdf