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Recent content by AjitFlora

  1. AjitFlora

    Which Is The Right Way To GOD ?

    As the tittle of the blog suggest, this question has been among the biggest question of all, especially for those who are religious.In the following paragraphs I will try to analyze it best to my understanding. To begin with, we see many common things in all religions.Each religion has a...
  2. AjitFlora


    Hello Everybody, Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ke Fateh. This is my first post and hope I will be posting regularly. As you can see the title I will be talking about reincarnation. For sometime now I have noticed on different sites that there is some kind of confusion or misunderstanding...
  3. AjitFlora

    Are Creator And Creation The Same In Sikhism?

    Hello All, Regarding the matter about the Creator and Creation being one,hope this analogy helps. The Dance exist only because of Dancer.The dance in itself has no independent existence without dancer but it comes into existence with the dancer.As the dancer moves his/her body in which ever...
  4. AjitFlora

    Sikh Atheism

    Ek Onkar Gur Prasad Mr. Bhagat, I can only hope that someday this anxiety which you are going through regarding the concept of GOD would become the very source of your bhagati and therfore making you the Bhagat as you name suggest. Lets us begin: Irrespective of any religion to whom one may...