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Recent content by a.mother

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    India Eyewitness Today: Gurbaksh Singh By Artistotle Ji In Amb Sahib

    Aristotle ji, thank you so much for your updates, because other media is SILENT. No words, I mean how media can hide from its responsibilities. Such shame.
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    Do Sikh Parents Understand?

    ( Parents carry a lot on their shoulders. More than their kids can imagine.) SPNadmin ji, You have stole my words. Personally I go through this. Abneet ji, punjabi parents carry unbelievable burden for their kids. They don't want if their kids face even ONE hurdle. They want to do everything...
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    Inspirational 2 Year Old Doing Japji Sahib

    So nice, so cute. Blessed parents.
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    Canada Sikhs Banned From Playing In Turbans

    GOOD NEWS........... http://www.ctvnews.ca/sports/quebec-soccer-federation-lifts-turban-ban-1.1326864 http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/montreal/Quebec+soccer+body+lifts+turban/8531278/story.html
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    The Death Penalty?

    Personally I am very much against of death penalty.We are not the one who can decide who can live or have to die (who are we, same as other ) .What if today someone is hanged or something but if tomorrow we got to know that person was innocent THEN WHAT. Can we bring the person back? No. Then...
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    Want To Marry With Cousin

    Re: Want to Marry with Cousin Harpreet ji, I am agree with you that hard to live live without loved-one BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Its very easy to die but hard to live, also brave people love to live with hurdles only coward run away from hard times. It all depend on you how strong you are...
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    Want To Marry With Cousin

    Re: Want to Marry with Cousin My brother what I think every love does not mean marriage. If there is love you can find millions reason to live. To leave this world is very easy to live is harder, but it depend on you if you want to live like brave or hide your face like coward.
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    Devinder Pal Singh - Waheguru Sings Through Me

    Re: Devinder Pal Singh - God Sings Through Me For us HE IS A WINNER, HE HAD WON OUR HEARTS THAT 'S ABOVE THEN ANY TITLE. Cute face big heart I love him so much and wish him very best in his journey. When ever I see his face its like a WINNERS'S FACE. MAY Waheguru bless cute baccha.
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    Will Devendra Singh Win ‘Indian Idol 6’?

    For me he is already A WINNER because of his age and talent, if you see age group 16-17 years old competing with older,for practice even 2-3 years matter, personally i like three of them for singing, little more to say Davinder's singing and HIS GURSIKHI SAROOP . I wish him very good luck.
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    I Cannot Keep My Hair No Longer

    Re: I can not keep my hair no longer Sat Sri Akal Sikhboy11, I didn't see any Dr. or treatment kind of line in your post. I felt like you decided yourself ( most teens have similar reason, this or that).I think you have to go to Dr. may be he/she send you...
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    Guinness World Records Refuses To Recognize Fauja Singh’s 'Marathon' Feat

    I think there is a some kind of bone or blood test to know the real age. But personally I think he doesn't need any recognization from any one. HE IS A TRUE HERO AND A REAL CERTIFICATE TO ALL OF US AND TODAYS LAZY GENRATION.
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    Guinness World Records Refuses To Recognize Fauja Singh’s 'Marathon' Feat

    This is devastating. Even from his half age people don't have proper birth certificate in villages. Whatever you ask Sarpanch of village write the date .What they are talking about? Isn't that enough inspiring for today's youth who are sitting on the couch and playing video games.
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    Canada Businessman, Martin Singh, Running For NDP Leadership

    It would be very good for community for long term. It does not matter that much to win or loss.
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    General Ten Year Wait For "Akhand Path" At "Dukh Bhanjani Beri," Golden Temple

    @ Sinner ji, You are right, We have to paath our-self. Only then we know that how many mistakes we do in daily routine and possible to easily avoid them.
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    Opinion Ardaas, Condolences For Mai Harinder Kaur Now Bereaved Widow Of Simon McCoy

    Words are never enough.....never enough.