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Post from a different forum on Tat Khalsa/Sanatan Sikhism

Discussion in 'Sanatan Sikhism' started by Kamala, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Kamala

    Kamala Banned

    I came eupon a post from a different forum and want to know what you guys think.. by no means am I trying to get the origonal poster in trouble and if you have a small mind please do not read the following:

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  2. Kanwaljit Singh

    Kanwaljit Singh Goes dhai lakh on 30Nov13 SPNer

    That leads to a question, what do we need Hindu deities for when we have Guru Granth Sahib?

    You mean the Hindu Nationalist Movement? We know how popular Sikhs like Bhagat Singh were!

    Sikhi believes in unity of humanity not philosophy. But we wish to keep our precious philosophy as Pure and True as possible.

    That was kick started by Guru Nanak and brought to life by Guru Gobind Singh.

    Schools need to change the hired teachers when the kids are not scoring well.

    I think as people mature, they need simpler homes!

    That was probably to make more room for the sangat as the main hall of Darbar Sahib is not so big!

    It is not must, Sikhs have a separate identity, something you will never understand, you are like standing on India Pakistan border, and you don't wana move from there.

    Guru Granth Sahib has the penship and blessings of Ten Human Gurus.

    And the article throwing this up means they have a big problem that Sikhs continue to think of themselves as NOT Hindu. It is as if we want this last 2% of the Indian population to be Hindu too. First get the 20% muslims into the fold!

    Sikhism has no sects. And many of these don't consider them to be Sikh sects at all. Why do you want to glue the two together? Do you have too much free time?

    A devotee with all the respect, reverence and faith cannot make own mind divine. Making a stone idol divine is very hard to come by.

    Sikhs have devotion towards Guru Granth Sahib only. Hindus are there to pray to Ram and Krishan. Neither of the followers make them worship able.

    The laptop with which I am writing all this has the same divine force as the murti or anything. What all should I pray to? Guru Granth Sahib has not only the divine force, but Knowledge, which comes only to a chosen few. It seems Kamala ji that you and I are not to be blessed with such insight, for we are trying to help each other out here.

    But after reading this post, if you still continue to sell the advantages of being a Hindu-Sikh, I can only say you must be very good at sales.
  3. KAMLA Ji,
    You should realise the teachings of SGGS ji and then you can decide the scope of any such deities along with SGGS .
    In fact NANAKs teachings are all related to tell what these dieties actually meant and what is the REAL MURATi one should worship.Try to know this MURATi which NANAK is mentioning in SGGS ji.
    Once yu become familiar with this MURATi as envisaged in SGGS all your confusions go away.
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  4. Luckysingh

    Luckysingh SPNer

    Some may agree, many will disagree. But none of us should be ignorant and ignore.

    The sanaatanists seem to be very concerned in giving sikhism a repackaged identity with hindu fundamentals. This is the impression I get.

    For the upcoming youth of today, they need to be made aware about the pure undiluted sikhism before they experience other messages.

    This movement seems to be on the rise as they have even influenced some so called Nihangs (fake nihangs). These fake nihangs are also promoting sanaatanism by giving acknowledgement to bhang, alcohol, meat and idol worship.
    Getting the young youth in this manner can be easier as drinking, clubbing, partying, extra-marital relationships and drug use can be glamourised and justified.
    The young youth can easily tag along convincing themselves that it's just a line of sikhism and not quite a classic sect.

    We all need to forward our views, my opinion may be wrong and extreme.
    But, I feel that their movement too, appears extreme. Correct me and I apologise if any offence is caused.

    I firmly believe that Sikhi belongs to the Guru and the Guru only, not hindus,muslims, other faiths, goups or individuals.

    I also firmly believe that none of us have the right to decide or dictate what Sikhi is, only the Guru decides what is sikhi. Following the Guru Granth Sahib Ji it can be attained.

    Lucky Singh

  5. So wshould listen to GuRu about Sikhi from SGGS.
    GuRu ji is saying about Sikhi as
    "Sikhi Sikhiya GuR Sabadu Vichari"
    Nothing more nothing less than this .
  6. Kamala

    Kamala Banned

    But from what I have seen, the Guru ji wanted us to be Sanatan; Tat Khalsa was founded after.
  7. Parma

    Parma SPNer

    No, sikhism is its own identity to believe in absolute truth, to be pure of the mind, the body and the soul. Nothing else. A firm word to all practicing sikhs that I learnt from Sant singh Maskeen ji. What a great thinker. You are not here to tell them the Katha you are here to just do the katha. Sing it with love how many people stop what they are doing and listen to love songs on the T.V. It captures you its self you cant make people listen to you, you cant make someone love you so why should god. If people want to listen the truth gets into there mind its self, that is not for you to tell them, how do you know that persons way, every persons way, "journey's" are all different some born in poverty others with a silver spoon. If they ask what a word means explain the word. The journey is between god and the individual. God will teach you your own way to him... Waheguru. Just like the love songs of today, sing the glorious words of the gurbani with love.japposatnamwaheguru:
    Pure of the mind body and soul. Absolute truth even if that means people call me names whatever, no one is born perfect. We are sikh and as such life is a learning curb, who gives a toss what people call you just be truthful no matter what. A kid steals mother asks him did you steal he says yes, gets a smack and when he does wrong again she asks did you do it he says yes and gets a smack. He doesn't learn not to tell the truth! He just learns not to do it again, that is how open to truth you should be stand up for your convictions no matter what. God made you a sikh, you will hopefully with time, in your own time, through the grace of waheguru in your own way learn. Atleast you then dont hide from the truth you then are apart of the truth
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  8. There is no concept of being any Sanatan Sikh .Sanatan word has never been used anywhere in any referennce in Gurbanee.So refering a Sikh as Sanatan is your assumption.
    GuRu ji wishes everyone to be GuRMukh only .This you can veryfy from SGGS.
  9. Ambarsaria

    Ambarsaria ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār SPNer

    Not scholarly verified but it appears merger has not been accepted by Kamala ji for the two factions of Sikhs that seeing the damage from Arya Samajis merged way back in 1890s (122 years ago or at least 5 to 6 generations of SIkhs),

    Hindu/Sikh adherence disappeared from Sikhs in 1890s. Any comments or are we trying to restart old fights!

    Sat Sri Akal.
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  10. Parma

    Parma SPNer

    So the question forms on identity... When Guru Gobind Singh ji stood in his congregation to initiate the khalsa, what did he ask them.. At the time sikhs were being persecuted quite badly people begining to lose faith.. So he questions the congregation.. Who believes in the truth?.... Many people raise their hands... Who believes I am speaking the truth?... Many people raise their hands again but not so much as the first time, as there is doubt due to all the persecution from the kings at the time... Who is willing to die for the truth... Many people raise there hands again but still the numbers are fewer than the previous... Now he ask's who is willing to give their head to me in the name of truth.... Only one raises the hand out of the congregation. They are then summoned and the rest is history on the initiation of khalsa. He did not ask the congregation do you like this dress code, do you like this club association. The 5 beloved were from the congregation at the time representing humanity as it was back then raw, which were all types not what the definition has been made now. They were made to stand up for and protect absolute truth for humanity not just a Singh 5k's definition of today's sikhism. It was made for the entire humanity. The definition of khalsa is the one who stands up for the truth absolute, whether you do that wearing a 3 piece suite, or full tradition attire the outcome is the same. The khalsa is not definied by a dress code. It is definied by the truth, whether that is a keshdari sikh, nirankari sikh or whatever sikh. It is a basis for humanity the way it is. We are to be defined by God and the truth nothing else
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  11. The Khalsa is not defined by the dress code. Agreed.
    But Khalsa is certainly recgnised by 5 Ks.This forms the real Identity of Khalsa belonging to GuRu Gobind Singh Ji.
    In fact there should have been either Khalsa Sikhs as SINGH or Sikhs only.
    Refering Sikh as Keshdhari/Nirankari or other is a deviation from being Sikh.
    These deviations do nothing good for the overall concept of Sikh.These deviations are only diluting the Sikh philosophy .
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  12. Parma

    Parma SPNer

    All I know is I believe in the truth of the Guru Granth Sahib. The rest I can not say to be the truth. Too many issues with the 5 k's... Don't cut your hair but you can cut your nails. Could all be propaganda from Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Raj. Not to mention it is not mentioned in the eternal Guru the Guru Granth Sahib ji. Also people in Guru Gobinds congregation at the time would not have been Singh's before they were baptized what were they? Bramhins maybe with bold heads how you gona tell one them to wear a kanga? Singh's were created after baptisim. Anyway if it helps you become more of a defined person in your self great but it should not be the, be all and end all of Sikhism. Remember the 5 k's theory came along time after Sikhism was born. Too many question, that remain unanswered?:noticemunda:
    Pure of the mind body and soul I guess, How do you define a pure body? This argument is not meant to be won an argument for the individual between god and yourself!
  13. I fully appreciate your views.I too have similar views. But how many are there in line with this view you may know yourself.
  14. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Scarlet Pimpernel We seek him here,we sikh SPNer

    Parma Ji I agree Khalsa has been absolved by Truth but even so it is very difficult to wear a 3 piece suite, as that would mean wearing a sofa and two chairs,maybe you meant wearing a 3 piece suit.
  15. BaljinderS

    BaljinderS SPNer

    What nonsense. Some people will never stop. I wonder, why? Are they not happy and peace with themselves?

    If Sikhs don't wake up and learn about history, culture and what gurbani is telling us then we will carry on falling for this kind of trap and face humiliation.

    Even if you have the slightest belief that this article has some truth in it then make it your mission to educate yourself, your family, your relatives and non Sikhs with the truth.
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  16. Kamala

    Kamala Banned

    The thing I wonder is, why would the murtis even be in HariMandir in the first place...
  17. Kanwaljit Singh

    Kanwaljit Singh Goes dhai lakh on 30Nov13 SPNer

    It is HarMandir not Hari Mandir :D of course you would be aware of that Kamala ji
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  18. Parma

    Parma SPNer

    Anyone that is looking for complete truth can not deny the truth... ha ha yeah 3 pc suit. Comment to baljinder people can never stop because the process is of truth. If I dont do it some one else will until the truth is out. Sikhism is defined that way human nature is defined that way. How would you like it if your mom had been telling you lies all your life, then you realise ha ha ha Only joking but you know what i am getting at, without truth there is no faith. Simple. Where is the historical fact evidence to counter act these questions?japposatnamwaheguru:
  19. Well,the correct word is HARi Mandir. There seems to be problem when we write any Gurmukhi wordin Roman we eliminate the matra of Sihari with the last letter of the word.This is for your obsevation pl.
  20. Can you pl write for information of every one What is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH in SGGS .?This information will clear so many questions we are involved in.

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