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How to Tie a Patka

Discussion in 'Sikh Youth' started by Sherab, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Sherab

    Sherab SPNer

    Patka is a Sikh head covering which is worn by many Sikh children in preference to its bigger brother the turban. The Patka is also worn by many adult Sikhs as a under-turban as well, just as we use other underwear of different colours. This under-turban may be kept at bed-time as well, when the turban proper is taken off. similarly, during swimming and sports, the turban is replaced by a small scarf-sized cloth called the 'PATKA'. This is knotted at the top to keep the hair intact.

    In fact PATKA is more popular with young Sikhs at school. The patka is a simple cloth head covering, consisting of about two square feet of fabric with strings to secure it. The patka is usually worn by Sikh youths, or in the place of a turban by less traditional adult Sikhs.

    this is intended for other white males NOT in a sikh family.. I found this vid VERY helpful:

    YouTube - How to: Tie a patka
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  2. Astroboy

    Astroboy ਨਾਮ ਤੇਰੇ ਕੀ ਜੋਤਿ ਲਗਾਈ (Previously namjap) SPNer

    Sharab ji,

    Cool. Now that I know how, I might volunteer tying it for some kids at the Gurdwara. Thanks.

    ~ begum ~
  3. Sherab

    Sherab SPNer


    I will also do a vid of me tying my hair up in a patka... I do not have full kesh yet so maybe that can help out of their white males with medium-length hair.
  4. spnadmin

    spnadmin SPNer

    Sherab - Really good video. Even I could do this for someone else after watching it. Do you know what kind of cotton cloth is used? It seems very soft and pliable, but not flimsy. That has to be important.
  5. Sherab

    Sherab SPNer

    Hi Aad-ji,

    The best thing to do is order patkas from a sikh store. I buy mine at SikhLink LCC in Maryland, their website is:

    Sikh Gifts

    The only downside to that site is that all patkas are in one size. I should also note that in the video i linked to in my first post, the patka used is WITHOUT STRINGS - therefore, if you want a similar one you will have to buy a patka for adults.

    Another site you can use, IF YOU HAVE PAYPAL, is:

    Sikh Gifts

    They offer 3 sizes and VERY many colors to choose from. However, you should also note that the patkas from the above store (GoSikh) have strings on them, unlike the one in the video in the first post.

    If you do not have PayPal, and still want to use the above site, i have sent GoSikh a business correspondence by e-mail requesting if they have alternative ways of payment other then PayPal.

    Glad i can help,
  6. spnadmin

    spnadmin SPNer


    Good information. I don't need to tie a patka on anyone right now. But who knows? At least I have a rough idea.

  7. Sherab

    Sherab SPNer

    Your welcome =)
  8. amarpreet41

    amarpreet41 SPNer

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  9. Sherab

    Sherab SPNer

    Hi all!

    I finally have a vid of me tying my patka - with my sister (who is a year younger then me) on camera.

    here is the link:

    YouTube - How to: Tie a patka

    If you cannot click this link for some reason, it is ALSO a video response to the original video.
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  10. Damo_Singh

    Damo_Singh SPNer

  11. Sherab

    Sherab SPNer

    thank you, but that requires paypal - I tried ordering from them and it failed for that reason.
  12. Sherab

    Sherab SPNer

    [​IMG] *thumbs up*
  13. Admin Singh

    Admin Singh Administrator SPNer

  14. KulwantK

    KulwantK SPNer

    Sat Nam, everyone.
    Also, something you might find of interest, there is now a Singh Tartan Plaid.
    You can check it out at various sites carrying Tartans; simply type in
    Singh Tartan on the browser and check out what is offered. A Sikh man moved to Scotland some years ago and found that he was fond of the plaid tartan material, and commissioned a Singh plaid. It is actually a very good-looking material!
    Wahe Guru
  15. KulwantK

    KulwantK SPNer

  16. I am looking for a picture of a young boy with his jura tied, ready for the patka, to illustrate a poem about the problems of our schoolchildren. These videos would be perfect, if they had not been removed. Such is life, I guess.
  17. spnadmin

    spnadmin SPNer

  18. spnadmin

    spnadmin SPNer

  19. spnadmin

    spnadmin SPNer


  20. spnadmin

    spnadmin SPNer

    I found nothing in the way of snaps for a tied jura -- which is what you were looking for. But the Sikhnet videos that I posted do have frames of winding up the jura and then tying the patka.

    Best I could do.

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