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Separate Sitting Arrangements for Ladies in Golden Temple

Discussion in 'Sikh News' started by Archived_Member16, May 17, 2011.

  1. Archived_Member16

    Archived_Member16 SPN Sewadaar SPNer

    May 17, 2011

    Separate sitting arrangement for ladies in Golden Temple

    Punjab Newsline Network

    Tuesday, 17 May 2011

    AMRITSAR: Long pending demand of female devotees has been approved when SGPC (Shriomani Gurdwara Pharbandhak Committee) made separate sitting arrangement for ladies inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Harmandhar Sahib (Golden Temple).

    Earlier, there was no separate arrangement for female devotees to sit inside as they had to sit with gents and sometime many ladies feel awkward to sit with opposite sex.

    As SGPC has received many complaints and urged in this regard to make separate sitting arrangement for females. Nevertheless to say that there is special VIP enclosure for visiting devotees inside, where only male can sit to listen religious hymns but ladies were not permitted to sit there.

    In front of VIP enclosure, there is one more enclosure where gents and ladies could sit together and many times female folk raised objection with SGPC President Avtar Singh that space usually forcibly occupied by gents. Even many time some gents without caring presence of female, occupy the narrow space which put the females in embarrassing situation and in that circumstances female devotees prefer to leave the sanctum sanctorum rather to sit in odd situation created by the opposite sex.

    Now, SGPC has deputed task force to guard the enclosure which has been reserved only for ladies and gents would not be allowed to sit there in any of the circumstances, said Manager Golden Temple Harbans Singh Malhi.

  2. Adi Nanaki

    Adi Nanaki Active Member SPNer

    Will the flower man be allowed to work at the rail in the ladies area, or will a woman take this job?
  3. Kanwaljit Singh

    Kanwaljit Singh Goes dhai lakh on 30Nov13 SPNer

    we should archive this somewhere :| it was ladies request :|
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