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President BUSH for Golden Temple

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by hps62, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. hps62

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    Dec 8, 2005
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    Dear President


    With all due respect to you and your great country.

    It is a great pleasure that you are visiting our country INDIA . Welcome:D

    May I request you on this great ocassion to visit the Golden Temple . It is here that all your wishes and problems can be fulfilled .

    I Know that you are fighting on the behalf of whole mankind and life in general ; forces which want to keep us in cave man ages and make us a monomorphic group of look alike people without any diversity.

    You may meet the PM and all the political and technology class but it is in GOLDEN TEMPLE that you will be able to wish away these dark forces.

    Golden temple may be in one corner of the planet and its adherent may be still localised . But its ethos are for the benifiet of the whole world. it seeks the global life pulse.

    Sikhs have always cherished the dreams and goals your society has choosen examplified by " STATUE OF LIBERTY " . Now some bad men want this statue to fall.( which we shall not allow if give a opportunity)

    If you seek the blessing of Gurus whose one among the many philosophy is " Shub Karman se kab ho na daroo , Na daroo aur jab chahe laro nishche Kar apni jeet karoo". Your visit will not be a disappointment. Your faith in your own religion of christainity will be further strengthened by visiting Golden temple as we are the beliver in " one mankind " and " Sarvat da bhalla ".

    By Gia's hypotheses of one pulsating life I see Sikhs playing the vital role of a blood like organ in this global human body. We can defend against all kind of invaders in this universe if appropriately trained and transport all the goods and things from here to there in this universe.


    Welcome to mother India


    :) hps62:)
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