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More on Today's Hukamnaama(Feb 29, 2008)

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichaar' started by Sardara123, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    Hukamnama Translation - February 29, 2008

    February 29th, 2008

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa! Waheguru ji ki Fateh!
    Guru Arjan Dev Ji - Raag Raamkalee - Ang 913

    MP3 File
    The Hukamnama today is by Guru Arjan Dev ji in Raag Raamkalee on Ang 913 of Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj.
    rwmklI mhlw 5 ]
    raamakalee mehalaa 5 ||
    Raamkalee, Fifth Mehla:

    iesu pwnI qy ijin qU GirAw ]
    eis paanee thae jin thoo ghariaa ||
    He created you out of this water.

    mwtI kw ly dyhurw kirAw ]
    maattee kaa lae dhaehuraa kariaa ||
    From clay, He fashioned your body.

    aukiq joiq lY suriq prIiKAw ]
    oukath joth lai surath pareekhiaa ||
    He blessed you with the light of reason and clear consciousness.

    mwq grB mih ijin qU rwiKAw ]1]
    maath garabh mehi jin thoo raakhiaa ||1||
    In your mother’s womb, He preserved you. ||1||

    rwKnhwru smHwir jnw ]
    raakhanehaar samhaar janaa ||
    Contemplate your Savior Lord.

    sgly Coif bIcwr mnw ]1] rhwau ]
    sagalae shhodd beechaar manaa ||1|| rehaao ||
    Give up all others thoughts, O mind. ||1||Pause||

    ijin dIey quDu bwp mhqwrI ]
    jin dheeeae thudhh baap mehathaaree ||
    He gave you your mother and father;

    ijin dIey BRwq puq hwrI ]
    jin dheeeae bhraath puth haaree ||
    he gave you your charming children and siblings;

    ijin dIey quDu binqw Aru mIqw ]
    jin dheeeae thudhh banithaa ar meethaa ||
    he gave you your spouse and friends;

    iqsu Twkur kau riK lyhu cIqw ]2]
    this t(h)aakur ko rakh laehu cheethaa ||2||
    enshrine that Lord and Master in your consciousness. ||2||

    ijin dIAw quDu pvnu Amolw ]
    jin dheeaa thudhh pavan amolaa ||
    He gave you the invaluable air;

    ijin dIAw quDu nIru inrmolw ]
    jin dheeaa thudhh neer niramolaa ||
    He gave you the priceless water;

    ijin dIAw quDu pwvku blnw ]
    jin dheeaa thudhh paavak balanaa ||
    He gave you burning fire;

    iqsu Twkur kI rhu mn srnw ]3]
    this t(h)aakur kee rahu man saranaa ||3||
    let your mind remain in the Sanctuary of that Lord and Master. ||3||

    CqIh AMimRq ijin Bojn dIey ]
    shhatheeh a(n)mrith jin bhojan dheeeae ||
    He gave you the thirty-six varieties of tasty foods;

    AMqir Qwn Thrwvn kau kIey ]
    a(n)thar thhaan t(h)eharaavan ko keeeae ||
    He gave you a place within to hold them;

    bsuDw dIE brqin blnw ]
    basudhhaa dheeou barathan balanaa ||
    He gave you the earth, and things to use;

    iqsu Twkur ky iciq rKu crnw ]4]
    this t(h)aakur kae chith rakh charanaa ||4||
    enshrine in your consciousness the feet of that Lord and Master. ||4||

    pyKn kau nyqR sunn kau krnw ]
    paekhan ko naethr sunan ko karanaa ||
    He gave you eyes to see, and ears to hear;

    hsq kmwvn bwsn rsnw ]
    hasath kamaavan baasan rasanaa ||
    He gave you hands to work with, and a nose and a tongue;

    crn cln kau isru kIno myrw ]
    charan chalan ko sir keeno maeraa ||
    He gave you feet to walk upon, and the crowning glory of your head;

    mn iqsu Twkur ky pUjhu pYrw ]5]
    man this t(h)aakur kae poojahu pairaa ||5||
    O mind, worship the Feet of that Lord and Master. ||5||

    ApivqR pivqR ijin qU kirAw ]
    apavithr pavithra jin thoo kariaa ||
    He transformed you from impure to pure;

    sgl join mih qU isir DirAw ]
    sagal jon mehi thoo sir dhhariaa ||
    He installed you above the heads of all creatures;

    Ab qU sIJu BwvY nhI sIJY ]
    ab thoo seejh bhaavai nehee seejhai ||
    now, you may fulfill your destiny or not;

    kwrju svrY mn pRBu iDAweIjY ]6]
    kaaraj savarai man prabh dhhiaaeejai ||6||
    Your affairs shall be resolved, O mind, meditating on God. ||6||

    eIhw aUhw eykY EhI ]
    eehaa oohaa eaekai ouhee ||
    Here and there, only the One God exists.

    jq kq dyKIAY qq qq qohI ]
    jath kath dhaekheeai thath thath thohee ||
    Wherever I look, there You are.

    iqsu syvq min Awlsu krY ]
    this saevath man aalas karai ||
    My mind is reluctant to serve Him;

    ijsu ivsirAY iek inmK n srY ]7]
    jis visariai eik nimakh n sarai ||7||
    forgetting Him, I cannot survive, even for an instant. ||7||

    hm AprwDI inrgunIAwry ]
    ham aparaadhhee niraguneeaarae ||
    I am a sinner, without any virtue at all.

    nw ikCu syvw nw krmwry ]
    naa kishh saevaa naa karamaarae ||
    I do not serve You, or do any good deeds.

    guru boihQu vfBwgI imilAw ]
    gur bohithh vaddabhaagee miliaa ||
    By great good fortune, I have found the boat - the Guru.

    nwnk dws sMig pwQr qirAw ]8]2]
    naanak dhaas sa(n)g paathhar thariaa ||8||2||
    Slave Nanak has crossed over, with Him. ||8||2||

    Satgur Arjan Dev ji Maharaj speaks to us in the Raamkalee Raag, a Raag which is the favorite of the Yogis. In this Raag, Guru Sahib ji says,
    eis paanee thae jin thoo ghariaa, that Waheguru from pani, from water, tu ghariaa, ghariaa means literally, to create, to make, Waheguru ji created you out of this pani, out of this water.
    maattee kaa lae dhaehuraa kariaa, from this maattee, from this dirt, from this clay, from the elements, dhaehuraa kariaa, he made your dhaehuraa, this temple of your body.
    oukath joth lai surath pareekhiaa, He blessed you with his joth, with His very own light, surath pareekhiaa, with surath, with understanding, and pareekhiaa, with conscience inside.
    maath garabh mehi jin thoo raakhiaa, Waheguru raakhiaa, preserved you, looked after you, in the garabh, in the womb of your mother, of your maatha. Guru Sahib ji is saying, Waheguru has done so much, created you, nourished you.
    raakhanehaar samhaar janaa, O janaa, O humble servant, samhaar, meditate upon raakhanehaar, upon the One who can liberate you, save you, Waheguru, Akal Purakh.
    sagalae chhodd beechaar manaa, O my mana, O my mind, sagalae, give up all other, chhodd, chhodd means to give up, to discard, sagalae means all other, beechaar means thoughts, give up all other thoughts, focus only on One, Ik Oankar.
    rehaao, Guru ji says Pause and Think about this.
    jin dheeeae thuddh baap mehathaaree, jin dheeeae, He gave you, thuddh, to you, baap, your father, mehathaaree and your mother.
    jin dheeeae bhraath puth haaree, He gave you your bhraath, your brothers, puth, your children, who you love so much, haaree, who are close to you, who you are so attached to.
    jin dheeeae thudhh banithaa ar meethaa, that Waheguru gave you your banithaa, your partner, your spouse, ar meethaa, and your friends.
    this t(h)aakur ko rakh laehu cheethaa, that Waheguru, that thaakur, that Lord, rakh laehu cheethaa, keep Waheguru ji in your cheethaa, in your consciousness all times, rakh laehu, constantly, rakh laehu means to retain, to keep.
    jin dheeaa thudhh pavan amolaa, He gave you pavan amolaa, amolaa means which is beyond all value, without air we cannot breathe, we cannot live; He gave us that pawan, that air to breathe.
    jin dheeaa thudhh neer niramolaa, Waheguru gave us neer, water, which is niramolaa, which is priceless, is beyond all prices, keeps us alive, we die without water.
    jin dheeaa thudhh paavak balanaa, Waheguru ji blessed us with paavak balanaa, with fire, which can burn, which we use constantly.
    He gave us the air and He gave us the Shabad to meditate upon with this air.
    He gave us the water and He blessed us with the gift of Amrit.
    He has given us the fire to burn away the houmai, the ego within us.

    this t(h)aakur kee rahu man saranaa, remain in the saranaa, in the protection, in the sanctuary of that thaakur, of that Waheguru, of the Lord; keep your mind in the sanctuary, in the sharan, under the protection of Waheguru.
    chhatheeh a(n)mrith jin bhojan dheeeae, He gave you the chhatheeh means thirty-six, He gave you the thirty-six varieties of amrit, chhatheeh a(n)mrith, nectar like foods.
    a(n)thar thhaan t(h)eharaavan ko keeeae, and within you He gave you a place to digest them all, t(h)eharaavan, to keep them within you.
    basudhhaa dheeou barathan balanaa, He gave you basudhhaa, basudhhaa means this earth, He gave this earth to us and look what we do to this earth.
    Khalsa ji, day by day, we are so ungrateful, that we not only forget – Guru Sahib ji is going through all the gifts that Waheguru ji has given us – we not only forget the gifts that He gave us, we abuse them as well, we abuse this body. When someone is drinking alcohol, they are abusing this beautiful body; when someone is smoking they are abusing this beautiful body that Waheguru ji gave to them. When we pollute the environment around us, we are polluting this world that Waheguru gave us.
    basudhhaa dheeou barathan balanaa, He gave us barthan, all these different things and utensils to use.
    this t(h)aakur kae chith rakh charanaa, to that thaakur, to that Waheguru, keep your chith, keep your consciousness in Waheguru ji’s charnaa, Waheguru ji’s Lotus feet.
    paekhan ko naethr sunan ko karanaa, He gave us naethr, eyes with which we can pick and we can see, sunan ko karanaa, He gave us karanaa, ears to listen, sunan.
    hasath kamaavan baasan rasanaa, He gave us hands to kamaavan, to work, to do everything, baasan rasanaa, and He gave us a baasan, a nose and a rasana, a tongue.
    charan chalan ko sir keeno maeraa, charan chalan ko, He gave us charan, feet, to walk, chalan ko, sir keeno maeraa and He made the sir, the head, the maeraa, maeraa means my beautiful crown, mountain like almost, the crown of the head.
    man this t(h)aakur kae poojahu paihraa, O my man, O my mind, this thaakur kae, of that Waheguru, Lord, poojahu paihraa, meditate upon His paihraa, upon His feet, worship Him.
    apavithr pavithra jin thoo kariaa, Waheguru ji made us from apavithr, from impure to pure, jin thoo kariaa, He made us, as Guru Sahib ji says in asa di var, jin manas thai devate keeai, that Guru who made humble beings into devate, into angels and beyond; that Guru Gobind Singh ji who transformed Daya Ram into Daya Singh, who transformed the panj piaray into Daya Singh, Dharam Singh, Himmat Singh, Mohkam Singh and Sahib Singh; that Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj, who created warriors like Baba Deep Singh, Bhai Bachitar Singh, Bhai Uday Singh and blessed them with the great purity of Naam.
    sagal jon mehi thoo sir dhhariaa, Waheguru ji made you the sir, above all other jon, all other life-forms, Waheguru made you the head, Waheguru made you above all of them.
    ab thoo seejh bhaavai nehee seejhai, ab thoo, now, you may seejh, you may understand, and you may attach yourself to his meditation, follow out your destiny, bhaavai nehee seejhai, or you could not, this human life is the life, where we could make that beautiful step towards the Guru or not.
    kaaraj savarai man prabh dhhiaaeejai, O my man, O my mind all your kaaraj, all your affairs will be resolved, will be sorted out, if you do what, prabh dhhiaaeejai, if you meditate upon prabhu, upon Waheguru.
    eehaa oohaa eaekai ouhee, eehaa, here, oohaa, there, in all places, eaekai ouhee, that One Waheguru, that One Ik Oankar is permeating through all.
    jath kath dhaekheeai thath thath thohee, wherever we look Waheguru is there, jath kath means wherever, thath thath means there, thohee means You are there, Waheguru You are there wherever I look.
    this saevath man aalas karai, but the mind, the man, does aalas, is lazy and does not want to serve Waheguru, when we say to the mind, get up, do ishnaan, the mind says no, no, stay in the bed. When we tell the mind, get up, read Jap ji, the mind says, why do I have to read Jap ji today, I ready read it yesterday. So the mind is constantly lazy.
    jis visariai eik nimakh n sarai, our mind is reluctant to serve that Waheguru, jis visariai eik nimakh n sarai, without whom we cannot even survive one nimakh, for one second; visariai, by forgetting whom we cannot even function for a second.
    ham aparaadhhee niraguneeaarae, O Waheguru, I am aparadhee, I am a sinner, niraguneeaarae, I have no virtues.
    naa kishh saevaa naa karamaarae, I have not done any sewa, I have not served You, naa karamaarae, and I have not got any good deeds, I have not got any good karma.
    gur bohithh vaddabhaagee miliaa, the Guru, the bohithh, the Guru, the boat of this kaljug, to take us across this kaljug, the Guru, vaddabhaagee miliaa, is only met by those who have great fortune.
    naanak dhaas sa(n)g paathhar thariaa, Nanak, the servant, the slave, being blessed with the sangat of Waheguru, being blessed with the sangat of the Guru, of the Satguru, has crossed over this ocean, despite being like a paathhar, like a stone, has crossed over this ocean of the world, attached to the Guru.
    Guru Sahib ji is saying to us today, O my brothers, O sisters, remember all those beautiful, graceful, amazing things which Waheguru has done for us. He gave us this body, He gave us this breath, He has given us this mind, He has given us everything, there is nothing Waheguru ji has not blessed us with, everything. So, meditate upon Waheguru. Look after the things Waheguru ji has given us.
    Guru Sahib ji is saying, attach yourself into the sewa, do not be lazy. Take the first step, take any step, look after all those around you. Put your life into the sewa of the Panth. Put your life into the sewa of that Waheguru, who has given you everything, who has given the air, which is running through your lungs right now, this very minute. Forget everything else and attach yourself into the sewa of that One Akal Purakh, Waheguru.
    gur bohithh vaddabhaagee miliaa ||
    naanak dhaas sa(n)g paathhar thariaa ||8||2||
    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa! Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

    source: http://hukam.{url not allowed}/2008/02/29/hukamnama-translation-february-29-2008/#more-575
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