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Harmander Sahib AC

Discussion in 'Hard Talk' started by Archived_Member16, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    SGPC likely to drop plan to install AC
    Varinder Walia
    Tribune News Service

    Amritsar, April 29
    Following world-wide criticism the SGPC is likely to drop the move to install AC in the sanctum sanctorum of Harmander Sahib.

    Indications to this effect was given by SGPC Chief Avtar Singh while talking to The Tribune today. He informed that the report of the sub-committee would be presented in the meeting scheduled to be held on May 3 at Chandigarh.

    He said the feelings and aspirations of the Sikh sangat would be kept in mind while taking any decision regarding air conditioning of the sanctum sanctorum.

    He said he himself was a heritage lover and won't allow anything that would damage the ancient structure of Harmander Sahib.

    Renowned conservationist Gurmit Rai has warned that the air conditioning system, if introduced in Darbar Sahib, would be an extremely destructive intervention. Sounding a note of warning, she informed the air conditioning system comprises a blower and a compressor and hence while the blower would need to be placed on the floor or mounted on the walls inside the building, the compressor will need to be fixed outside.

    These blowers cannot be mounted on the walls or roof without damaging the structure and decorations because of drilling holes or inserting mounting system.

    Bibi Kiranjot Kaur, a senior SGPC member, who is also a member of the sub-committee, has also expressed reservations over the move to install AC in the sanctum sanctorum of Golden Temple.

    Veteran SGPC member Manjit Singh Calcutta described the move as “ill-conceived”.

    He said air conditioning would earn the wrath of Sikh sangat who visit the holiest Sikh shrine for spiritual solace and not for physical comforts .

    Conservationists said the walls of Harmander Sahib are made of burnt bricks and lime mortar.

    The roofing system too is a masonry vaults. The surfaces are extremely decorative, with in-layed marble panel, frescoes, or clad with gilded copper embossed sheets. Not even a square inch of plain space can be found on the walls and ceilings to place the AC without damaging the original structure and decorations.
    Decorations would also be at risk due to the variation in the micro climate zones (in temperature and humidity) that would be created inside the building as the doors have to be kept open.


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  3. freedom84

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    Dec 8, 2006
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    I'm glad such HUGH issues are getting the attention they need!! I mean, how far would the Panth get if we never discussed such massively important issues on having AC or not!!
  4. Boota

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    Dec 8, 2006
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    Can we have surround sound audio too?!

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