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General Gurmat Sangeet Camp

Discussion in 'Hard Talk' started by Izhaarbir, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Izhaarbir

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    From August 1st to 4th Raj Academy and Houston Sikh Sangat will be hosting an amazing opportunity for all Sikhs to come learn Raag Kirtan in Classical Sikh Instruments. For four days, Sikhs from different areas of the world, of different ages, and of different walks of life, will get the opportunity to come together, and engage in an intense learning program in which they will learn how to play Classical Instruments such as the Saranda, Taus, Dilruba, Sarangi, and Punjabi Pakhawaj. Campers will learn Raagas (Vocally and Instrumentally), understand the significance of Gurmat Sangeet, and experience first hand our Classical Musical Heritage. For further information, please visit www.sikhcamp.org.

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    Izhaarbir Singh
    Youth Outreach Coordinator
    Houston Sikh Youth Sangat
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