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Gurbani Kirtan #49 - Man Aisaa Naehu Karaehu

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichaar' started by kaur-1, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. kaur-1

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Gurbani Kirtan Mp3 Player - Shabad #49 Man Aisaa Naehu Karaehu

    Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 1285

    Malaar Guru Amar Das
    slok mÚ 3 ]
    salok ma 3 ||
    Shalok, Third Mehl:

    bwbIhw AMimRq vylY boilAw qW dir suxI pukwr ]
    baabeehaa anmrith vaelai boliaa thaan dhar sunee pukaar ||
    The rainbird chirps in the ambrosial hours of the morning before the dawn; its prayers are heard in the Court of the Lord.

    myGY no Purmwnu hoAw vrshu ikrpw Dwir ]
    maeghai no furamaan hoaa varasahu kirapaa dhhaar ||
    The order is issued to the clouds, to let the rains of mercy shower down.

    hau iqn kY bilhwrxY ijnI scu riKAw auir Dwir ]
    ho thin kai balihaaranai jinee sach rakhiaa our dhhaar ||
    I am a sacrifice to those who enshrine the True Lord within their hearts.

    nwnk nwmy sB hrIAwvlI gur kY sbid vIcwir ]1]
    naanak naamae sabh hareeaavalee gur kai sabadh veechaar ||1||
    O Nanak, through the Name, all are rejuvenated, contemplating the Word of the Guru's Shabad. ||1||

    Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 454

    Aasaa Guru Arjan Dev

    jYsI mCulI nIr ieku iKnu BI nw DIry mn AYsw nyhu kryhu ]
    jaisee mashhulee neer eik khin bhee naa dhheerae man aisaa naehu karaehu ||
    As the fish loves the water, and is not content even for an instant outside it, O my mind, love the Lord in this way.

    jYsI cwiqRk ipAws iKnu iKnu bUMd cvY brsu suhwvy myhu ]
    jaisee chaathrik piaas khin khin boondh chavai baras suhaavae maehu ||
    Like the song-bird, thirsting for the rain-drops, chirping each and every moment to the beautiful rain clouds.

    hir pRIiq krIjY iehu mnu dIjY Aiq lweIAY icqu murwrI ]
    har preeth kareejai eihu man dheejai ath laaeeai chith muraaree ||
    So love the Lord, and give to Him this mind of yours; totally focus your consciousness on the Lord.

    mwnu n kIjY srix prIjY drsn kau bilhwrI ]
    maan n keejai saran pareejai dharasan ko balihaaree ||
    Do not take pride in yourself, but seek the Sanctuary of the Lord, and make yourself a sacrifice to the Blessed Vision of His Darshan.

    gur supRsMny imlu nwh ivCuMny Dn dydI swcu snyhw ]
    gur suprasannae mil naah vishhunnae dhhan dhaedhee saach sanaehaa ||
    When the Guru is totally pleased, the separated soul-bride is re-united with her Husband Lord; she sends the message of her true love.

    khu nwnk CMq Anµq Twkur ky hir isau kIjY nyhw mn AYsw nyhu kryhu ]2]
    kahu naanak shhanth ananth thaakur kae har sio keejai naehaa man aisaa naehu karaehu ||2||
    Says Nanak, chant the Hymns of the Infinite Lord Master; O my mind, love Him and enshrine such love for Him. ||2||

    Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 1274

    Malaar Guru Nanak Dev

    mlwr mhlw 1 ]
    malaar mehalaa 1 ||
    Malaar, First Mehl:

    cwiqRk mIn jl hI qy suKu pwvih swirMg sbid suhweI ]1]
    chaathrik meen jal hee thae sukh paavehi saaring sabadh suhaaee ||1||
    The rainbird and the fish find peace in water; the deer is pleased by the sound of the bell. ||1||

    rYin bbIhw boilE myrI mweI ]1] rhwau ]
    rain babeehaa boliou maeree maaee ||1|| rehaao ||
    The rainbird chirps in the night, O my mother. ||1||Pause||

    ipRA isau pRIiq n aultY kbhU jo qY BwvY sweI ]2]
    pria sio preeth n oulattai kabehoo jo thai bhaavai saaee ||2||
    O my Beloved, my love for You shall never end, if it is Your Will. ||2||

    nId geI haumY qin QwkI sc miq irdY smweI ]3]
    needh gee houmai than thhaakee sach math ridhai samaaee ||3||
    Sleep is gone, and egotism is exhausted from my body; my heart is permeated with the Teachings of Truth. ||3||

    Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 807

    Bilaaval Guru Arjan Dev

    iblwvlu mhlw 5 ]
    bilaaval mehalaa 5 ||
    Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

    mn mih isMchu hir hir nwm ]
    man mehi sinchahu har har naam ||
    Irrigate your mind with the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

    Anidnu kIrqnu hir gux gwm ]1]
    anadhin keerathan har gun gaam ||1||
    Night and day, sing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises. ||1||

    AYsI pRIiq krhu mn myry ]
    aisee preeth karahu man maerae ||
    Enshrine such love, O my mind,

    AwT phr pRB jwnhu nyry ]1] rhwau ]
    aath pehar prabh jaanahu naerae ||1|| rehaao ||
    that twenty-four hours a day, God will seem near to you. ||1||Pause||

    khu nwnk jw ky inrml Bwg ]
    kahu naanak jaa kae niramal bhaag ||
    Says Nanak, one who has such immaculate destiny

    hir crnI qw kw mnu lwg ]2]7]25]
    har charanee thaa kaa man laag ||2||7||25||
    - his mind is attached to the Lord's Feet. ||2||7||25||

    Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 708

    Jaitsaree Guru Arjan Dev

    pauVI ]
    pourree ||

    ijau mCulI ibnu pwxIAY ikau jIvxu pwvY ]
    jio mashhulee bin paaneeai kio jeevan paavai ||
    How can the fish live without water?

    bUMd ivhUxw cwiqRko ikau kir iqRpqwvY ]
    boondh vihoonaa chaathriko kio kar thripathaavai ||
    Without the raindrops, how can the rainbird be satisfied?

    nwd kurMkih byiDAw snmuK auiT DwvY ]
    naadh kurankehi baedhhiaa sanamukh outh dhhaavai ||
    The deer, entranced by the sound of the hunter's bell, runs straight to him;

    Bvru loBI kusm bwsu kw imil Awpu bMDwvY ]
    bhavar lobhee kusam baas kaa mil aap bandhhaavai ||
    the bumble bee is greedy for the flower's fragrance; finding it, he traps himself in it.

    iqau sMq jnw hir pRIiq hY dyiK drsu AGwvY ]12]
    thio santh janaa har preeth hai dhaekh dharas aghaavai ||12||
    Just so, the humble Saints love the Lord; beholding the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, they are satisfied and satiated. ||12||


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