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Ego Trap:

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichaar' started by Sardara123, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Sardara123

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    Jan 10, 2008
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    pauVI ]
    jjw jwnY hau kCu hUAw ]
    bwiDE ijau nilnI BRim sUAw ]
    jau jwnY hau Bgqu igAwnI ]
    AwgY Twkuir iqlu nhI mwnI ]
    jau jwnY mY kQnI krqw ]
    ibAwpwrI bsuDw ijau iPrqw ]
    swDsMig ijh haumY mwrI ]
    nwnk qw kau imly murwrI ]24]

    JAJJA: When someone, in his ego, believes that he has become something,
    he is caught in his error, like a parrot in a trap.
    When he believes, in his ego, that he is a devotee and a spiritual teacher,
    then, in the world hereafter, the Lord of the Universe shall have no regard for him at all.
    When he believes himself to be a preacher,
    he is merely a peddler wandering over the earth.
    But one who conquers his ego in the Company of the Holy,
    O Nanak, meets the Lord. ||24||

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