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Aquatic Gurdwara Wave of the Future?

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by Aman Singh, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Could an aquatic gurdwara be the wave of of the future? Gurdwaras like the Golden Temple have traditionally been surrounded by a sarovar, or moat like tank. Take it one step further and you may someday see a gurdwara built in the middle of the sea surrounded by ocean waves.

    The Seasteading Institute committed to establishing "autonomous ocean communities," ran a contest from February to May and has announced the winning designs. Check out some of the winning entries and tell us what you think and which one appeals to you most.

    Would you live in a seastead housing complex?
    Do you think think living in one would be more or less costly than traditional housing?
    Could you see worshiping in an ocean aquatic gurdwara?
    What would be the mode of transportation for seastead worshipers?

    "What do you want to take to the gurdwara today honey, the speed boat, or the jet ski?
    Oh let's take the glass bottom mini sub, it's chilly out today."

    Perhaps there would be ferries and seashuttles running back and forth between various seasteads and land.

    Winners Of The Seastead Design Contest

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