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Old 19-May-2009, 12:12 PM
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Hello everyone,

Recently I have come across discussions on other Sikhs forums regarding Ugardanti, which is a writing attributed to Guru Gobind Singh.

From what I have gathered, it is not part of the 'standard' pothi of Sri Dasam Granth, however is recited daily by Nihang Singhs as I have read that it is contained in Nihang Gutkas.

Does anybody on this forum have more to share regarding this, as I am very interested to learn more about it.

Here is a translation I found on another forum:

O Almighty, victory to thee.
Let the benignity of Sri Bhagauti assist.
The narration of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Tenth Master.
Bhagauti First Stanza
Salutation to the All-Supreme and pure Mother - destroyer of deadly sins with Her mighty teeth.
Salutation to the Supreme Mother who bestows strength to the Ascetics (Jogis) to meditate.
Salutation to the rider of the Lion and killer of the demons.
Salutation to Mother Saraswati who enlightens Her disciples.
Salutation to the one that gives magical powers and wisdom to Her devotees.
Salutation to the one that has triumphed over death.
Salutation to the one that cannot be caught in the web of mortality .
Salutation to the one whose praises are sung in the three worlds i.e.this world, the celestial world and the nether world.
Salutation to one with the glowing flame that the Vedas and the learned sing praise of.
Even the demi-gods, demons, sages cannot comprehend this one.
You are the one who teaches the techniques of yoga to the yogis.
You clash with the demons and vanquish them.
You are the one who drinks from the bowl, the blood of the demons and is a saviour of your devotees.
You are the one who dried up the blood of Rakat Beej (a demon).
You reside in oceans, earth and mountains.
You are self-radiant in all matter.
You are the one who destroys the evil and takes motherly care of all.
You are the plant and you are the flower and you are gardner who takes care of it.
You are nourisher of the universe and your radiance is apparent all over.
You are the invisible power, you are infinite and you are the earth and the firmament.
Salutation to the Godly Durga Bhavani, the one who bestows the power of speech to everyone.
You are prominent in the three worlds and nine cosmic regions.
Your kingdom is Eternal and you are the beginning of Eternity.
All the hermits and men pray to you day and night.
You are the destroyer of all and you are the Divine light of the Lord prevailing in the universe.
Victory is yours at this time and will forever remain.
I, your slave, beg for your compassion, which is limitless like an ocean.
Please bestow in all, the ability of devotion to the Almighty.
You are the Divine light generating illumination
You are assimilated in this universe and none can eulogize you.
I am the slave of your slaves and very inane.
Hold my arm and make me presently cross this ocean of life and death.
The drum of victory should resound, bestow me that favour.
Please take heed of my daily plea.
Sanction me to destroy all the evil (persons) -
(and) end this every day conflict between the Hindus and Muslims.
Ample brave Singh warriors will rise.
They will face the Turks and and make them defenceless.
Throughout the world the Khalsa Panth will be prominent
The Hindu Dharma will prevail, and the Turks will be in flight.
Every one will worship only the one Almighty.
The entire world will immediately be blissful.
My Bhavani Mother, please listen to my plea.
Bestow great blessings on your slave.


I stand in your doorway and desire a boon.
The Panth will only prevail if you destroy the evil forces.
Bhagwati Stanza 2

Salutation to the Godly Eternal Power Bhawani, who adornes a sharp sword.
Salutation to the destroyer of Sumbh & Nishumbh (2 demons)
Salutation to the killer of Chandd and Mundd (2 demons).
Salutations to the destroyer of evil demons like Rakat Beej.
Salutation to the giver of Veda knowledge and salutation to the fiery flame of the holy fire (Yug Havan)
Salutation to the one with enthralling eyes who is the King of Kings.
Salutation to the boundless possessor of power with infinte hands - the intensity of which can never be visualized.
Salutation to Bhagwati, possessor of great magnificence and subjugated by none.
Salutation to the unshakeable and most supreme possessor of might.
Salutation to the invincible wielder of the sword.
Salutation to Sri Yog Mata the obliterator of ego in all.
All tried but could not envisage your secret prowess.
You are water, fire and air and also the one with the extraordinary radiant eyes
You are the light of stars, moon and the sun.
You are the brave warrior who travels on the earth and the constellation.
You are the beautiful eternal power who is the saviour of the universe.
You are the conceiving mother for all living beings and are beyond the cycle of birth and death.
You nourish every body by providing food for them.
You are the light in nine regions of the universe.
You are Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and Indra and are beyond any acclamation.
Your speech is cool and warm.
Salutation to Chandika, Durga who appeases all - being the Mother Bhavani.
There is no one else who can assist me.
You are the chaste, the beginning and the infinite.
You were called Sri Krishna's mother Devki.
You are the beautiful eyed Naina Devi, the invisible power and protector of the universe.
You transformed into Narsingh and manifested from the pillar.
With your nails you tore open the belly of Harnaksh.
You manifested as a turtle and are the creator of Madh and Keetab demons.
You manifested as a boar and killed Harankashyap.
You manifested as Bawan the dwarf and performed a great act of deception.
And banished Raja Bal to the nether world.
You manifested as Parasram in this world.
And destroyed innumerable Kshattries (a warrior clan).
You again were born as Lord Rama.
And destroyed Ravana the demon King of Lanka.
You bestow salvation and are ceaselessly favourable.
You are brave with immense strength with which you annihilate the demons.
You are Sri Krishna's playmate Radhika and His queen Rukmani and Lord Rama's mother Kaushalya.
You are Hanuman's mother Anjani, Parasram's mother Renuka and you are Gautam's (sage) wife Ahalya.
You are the compassionate mother who nourishes and takes care of all.
(Please) cut this net of illusion and grant me salvation.
Salutation to the heavenly reliever of suffering and the angel of tranquillity.
Have compassion on your slave O Unsurpassed Power.

I am your slave, shower your grace on me.
This is my invocation please listen to me O Mother Bhawani.

Bhagwati Stanza 3

You fulfil all wishes similar to the 'Kalp' tree and the 'Kaamdhena' Cow.
You, with brilliant eyes, are the possessor of the eight miraculous powers.
You reside in Heaven, Nether world and Paradise.
You exterminate evil and nurture the universe.
You are Saraswati, the proficient in the Vedas.
You are the pure creator that preserves the faith (dharma).
You dwell in the mountain and are the yogic Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva).
You are Lakshmi (wife of Lord Vishnu) with immense beauty.
You give birth to the universe and shroud it within your self.
You, then in an instant terminate all.
You are God's greatest prayer power.
You have yourself become a symbol of worship because of your contemplation on the Lord Almighty.
Your extensive marvels are not describeable.
You are the only one who fathoms the mystery.
All have tried but none could unravel your mystery.
You are the Godly Power who demolishes suffering.
Bless me with the dust of your feet
I bow my head and pay homage to you on your doorway.
I only beseech for victory.
The immediate destruction of all the evil enemy demons.
You are the angel of doom with yogic powers, who drinks the blood of the demons and are the bravest of warriors.
You are the resemblance of God Almighty, and are a segment of His body.
You are beyond comprehension O Durga and you are the creator of the Universe.
I have left all and come to you for assistance.
You manifested as a big fish and froliced in the ocean.
You destroyed the Sankhasur demon.
You were born as Lord Krishna and killed Kans and Kesi.
You got hold of the wrestler Chandoor and killed him.
You were evident as Jagan Nath and killed Gayasur demon.
You were evident as the sword wielding NehKalank.
You annihilated Kilkasur the demon.
It is you who are born in every aeon.
During all the aeons you have created all the marvellous wonders.
But no one could perceive the wonder of these marvels.
You are the eight-armed Eternal Durga Bhawani.
All the cosmos is relishing your benevolence.
You inact as nature and perform wondrous marvels.
It is with your eminence that millions of suns and moons yield radiance.
You are the Almighty Lord's personal minister and adorn His abode.
You meditate day and night on the Lord.
You are the pure one, King of Kings and are immeasurable.
You are the might of Lord Krishna with which He destroyed the Murr demon.
Please heed my request O Godly Bhawani Mother.
With your benevolence, save my honour till the end.
You have killed the angry demons and saved the demi-gods.
Nobody could endure the roar of your lion in the battlefield.
Bhagwati Stanza 4
You are seen as the radiant flame of the fire.
You shatter the mountains and illuminate the universe.
You are the caring mother of all.
You are prominent universally.
You are self-created, and created by sweat and are the protector of all.
You self-create from eggs, and self-create from sperm. You are the speech of all these four creations.
You are the arrow, sword, knife and dagger.
You are the conch, lotus, mace and the quoit (All these are the symbols of Lord Vishnu)
You fire the cannon ball from the cannon.
You destroy large fortresses with explosions.
You are the greatest unconquerable and exterminater of all suffering.
You are the Lord's miracle effecting, immovable Supreme Power.
You are the four-armed Bhawani with immense power.
You are the destroyer of all the wicked.
You are the invisible and the visible force predominant in all.
You are the obliterater of Sumbh and Mehkhasur demons.
You are the most gracious creator of the Universe.
You are the saviour of all saints and ascetics.
Your marvels are beyond comprehension.
You create the earth and then you destroy it.
You are the lightning, which flashes in the sky.
My mind contemplates on your lotus feet.
You are the abysmal godly power of Lord Shiva.
You are the unique Durga who is the spectacle present in all particles.
You reside in all and are unique.
You are the sustainer of the entire universe.
You are the prime disciple of the Almighty, who contemplates on Him.
You place your head at the feet of the Lord.
With the Lord's grace you cannot be envisaged.
All have tried and expired but none could comprehend you.
You are the warrior with might and unequalled genius.
Numerous flutes sound the melody at your doorway.
You are the initial illustrious Queen.
You are the yogic knowledge and you are the utterance of God.
The illustrious God, the Majestic Father.
You are standing in His presence in the guise of Nature..
You are the life bestowing power Durga Bhawani.
Your Eternal light is prevalent every where.
You are the earth, wind, sky and the entire creation.
You are the phenomenal power of nature.
I cannot construe your genius.
As no one has been able to comprehend you.
I am your slave longing for the dust of your feet.
I stand at your door always praying zealously.

The Eternal Godly Power has opened her mouth and with her sharp teeth pulverizes the demons.
The Panth will only survive in this world if you conduct war and proclaim peace.
Bhagwati Stanza 5
Salutation to the deity of Hingula mountain, the creator of demi-gods.
You righteously accomplish the functions of the universe.
You are the sparkling light with attractive eyes and prominent personality.
The entire universe sings praise of you.
You contemplate on the Almighty.
You locate the demons and destroy them.
Get hold of my enemies and destroy them.
Only then your slave (Guru) Gobind's (Singh) mind will be pleased.
You are the Guru Bhawani who fulfils every desire.
Destroy presently the Mughal sovereignty.
Drive all the evil goers from India.
Fly the flag of righteousness all over the universe.
Both religions (Hindu and Islam) are getting contaminated.
Come and elevate a third religion (panth).
Do not worship the one who dies and is born.
Worship only the Almighty who is eternal.
Demolish the graves, the monastries and mosques.
Sermonise the worship of only the Almighty.
(People) have forsaken the Veda, the scriptures and the eighteen puraans.
(People) no longer perform the muezzin call, the islamic prayer, the circumcision and (read) the Quran.
All the populace has forgotten to praise the Lord.
The duty to religion and humanity is no longer comprehended.
The pandemonium is creating the (evil) darkness in the universe.
Kindly liberate me from all this.
You are the creative eternal power Durga Bhawani.
You are the all knowing mother of the universe.
You are Vyas, Gorakh Nath, Agast sage and Kabir.
You are the ascetic, saint and the Gauns Peer.
You always worship the unblemished Almighty Lord.
You stand as the minister at His doorway
No one else is close to the Almighty as you are.
You are ubiquitous in the entire universe.
Comprehend me as yours and save me.
Vanquish the evil demons and destroy them.
Bestow peace and prosperity to the universe.
You are the eradicator of distress and bestower of salvation.
Command me to kill and destroy the Turks (Muslims).
Eliminate the killing of the cow from the entire universe.
I shall kill the Mughals and end their rule.
The triumphant clarion call of morality will again resound in the universe.
This slave of yours stands at your door and implores to you.
Destroy the Turks and enlighten the universe.
Only then I can sing the song of victory.
By your veneration, eradicate all anguish.


Have compassion on your slave to enable him to make the four corners (of the universe) pay obeisance at your feet.
Whosoever prays to you crosses over this ocean of the illusory world.
Salutation to Mother Durga, the exterminator of all suffering.
You have caught all evil demons and annihilated them.
You dwell in all the three worlds,
where your eEternal light is ever prevalent.
You are the Himalaya, mountains and countless river waves.
You are beyond deception, the endless godly power.
I repeat your name day and night O Bhawani.
Your (sacred) feet will remain my focus of devoted love.
O Godly Bhawani (you should) sustain the universe.
All our evil enemies ought to perish.
I should always contemplate on your feet.
With your blessing I shall destroy all the wicked.

Grant me this boon.
Relieve the cow of agony and all ailments.
The victory to the Almighty shall be my proclamation.
To all, Wahe Wahe (Waheguru) shall be the word to meditate on.
Designate the third religion (panth) (different to the Hindu and Islam).
The stalwart Singh warriors shall rise and make the blue clothed Muslims (Turks) flee. (In 'Assa-di-Vaar' , the Muslims are the wearers of blue clothes e.g. "Neel bastar ley kapre pehrey turk pathani amal kiya". Meaning: - all the people started wearing blue, the attire of the muslims and also followed their way of life.)
They will capture and destroy all demons (evil persons).
They will sound the melody of victory in the universe.
You are the Goddess Saraswati, singing and bestowing eminence to the knowledge of the Vedas.
You are the magnificent Goddess Durga who is in constant touch with the Lord God
Kindly adhere to my specific request.
Annihilate the evil demons and safeguard the cow (destitute).
You are the bestower of all mystical and supernatural powers.
You are the nourisher of all and the universe is the mendicant.
You are the sages Vashishta and Durbasha.
You are the radiance of Jamadgin and Sage Gautama.
You are the destroyer of the force of death.
You always bestow grace on your devotees.
How can I describe your boundless praise?
You are the sermon, beyond comparison the adorable Krishna.
You are Bhawani, the image of the Almighty.
And you are the immaculate one who is devoted to the Lord.
Grant me the wish to worship the Almighty.
(And) defeat the demons and play the victory drum of rightousness.
The predominance of the Turks (Muslims) ought to be wiped out from the world.
The saints and devotees should endure and the evil thieves perish.
All the population of the world should live in tranquility.
End of all the suffering and fear and creation of a harmonious atmosphere
I will finish the impression of all evil.
In the universe will prevail the theme of rectitude.
I will soon destroy the evil sovereignty.
Now observe this marvel of your slave.

Now observe the wonder of the sword O Eternal Durga Mother.
I shall weild the sword and destroy the enemy and radiate the light of righteousness.
God's devotee Bhagauti assists the one who remains composed in a battlefield.
You are beside the (warrior) who never retreats in the battlefield.
Stanza of short rhyming pairs
These six stanzas of supreme power Bhagwati are very auspicious.
Their daily recitation promotes firm belief in the devotee.
By daily chanting prayer of mother Durga,
Eternal salvation is readily achieved.
The sixth Bhagwati stanza has come to an end.
Reciting it has eliminated all doubts.
When the incomprehensible Godly Power conferred her blessings,
She exalted Her slave.
Sufferings, illness, sorrow, fear and torment all vanished.
Abundance of blissfulness and harmony prevailed.
This is how (Mother) Durga blessed,
and shielded her slave.
Sri (Guru) Gobind Singh (Ji) accomplished auspiciously the six Bhagwati stanzas.
You can also listen to a recitation at:

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Old 19-May-2009, 12:18 PM
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Narayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to beholdNarayanjot Kaur is a splendid one to behold
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Re: Ugardanti

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If you write to Damdami Taksaal, they may have more information

Damdami Taksaal Online Website - Home

In addition you could try to contact Nihang Sukha Singh Akaali. Send me a pm and I will give you his email address. Don't want to post it in public in case of any problems.
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