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Poem on guru gobind singh ji

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poem, guru, gobind, singh
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Old 28-Aug-2004, 21:31 PM
sumra's Avatar sumra sumra is offline
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Poem on guru gobind singh ji

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Shiv kumar batalvi is a very famous hindu poet in Punjabi and even today singers like jasbir jassi(of dil le gayi kudi Gujarat di fame) sings his songs.He usually wrote romantic poems or songs but one day some one asked him why don’t u write something about guru gobind singh ji.He said I will try.
He himself has written in his book that after studying about guru gobind singh ji he couldn’t find words to describe him and said that he was unable to pen a single alphabet abt guru saab for 3 months bcos he says that he cant describe him as god as guru gobind singh ji himself has said that “mau ko parmeswar jo ucharre te sab narak kund main jaye”
(whosoever treat me as a god, he would surely go to hell if there is 1).
But still he wrote some poems out of which one is as follows:

Main kis hanju da diwa baal ke teri aarti lawaan,
(out of which tear drop should I light a lamp n do ur aarti)
mera har geet bujdil hai, main keda geet aj gawaan,
(my every song is full of cowardness,which song should I sing today)
mera koi geet nahi aisa jo tere mech aa jawe,
(none of my songs can match ur personality)
sarre bajaar ja kar ke jo apna sir kata aawe,
(which can openly get his head beheaded, here the writer is actually referring to the sacrifice of guru tegh bahadur sahib ji because it was guru gobind singh ji who said guru tegh bahadur ji to save the hindu religion and in turn his father guru tegh bahadur sahib our 9th guru got beheaded for saving hindu or so called ism)
jo apne sohal chhinde bol nihaan wich china aawe,
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network
(who can get his favourite words bricked, here writer is refeering to his two sons sahibzada zorawar singh ji and sahibzada fateh singh ji who were bricked alive by wazir khan)
je lut jaawe taan phir bhi yaar te saathde jaawe,
(when he has lost everything even then he lives as he used to live, here writer says that guru gobind singh jis belief in god was same when he had anandpur sahib, his four sons, 52 poets, his darbar, his army and it remained same when he lost everything,was in machiwara, he didn’t utter a single word or tear at the death of his sons, while on the other hand when leaving chamkaur sahib bhai sahib bhai daya singh ji(1 of the punj pyaras or 5 beloved ones) was accompanying guru gobind singh ji he stoped and and guru gobind singh ji said what happened he said sahibzada ajit singh ji and jujhar singh ji are lying on the battle field , you go ahead and I will meet you after doing their creamation, guru gobind singh ji said they are not my only sons whole of khalsa is my own who will do their creamation and guru gobind singh ji said that I don’t want any one to say that I treated my sons and my Sikhs in a different way, )
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network
main kiwen talwar di kani nu apne geet gal pawaan,
(how can my songs compare the might of his sword)
mera har geet bujdil hai mera keda geet aj gawaan,
(my every song is full of cowardness,which song should I sing today)

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Old 28-Aug-2004, 21:55 PM
Neutral Singh's Avatar Neutral Singh Neutral Singh is offline
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Neutral Singh is on a distinguished roadNeutral Singh is on a distinguished road
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Re: poem on guru gobind singh ji

so touching... thanks for sharing...
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Old 14-May-2006, 17:21 PM
akshay's Avatar akshay akshay is offline
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Cool Re: poem on guru gobind singh ji

This is a very good poem and i am pleased to see people proud of their religion. please email the poem to me at thank you very much
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Old 18-Sep-2006, 02:08 AM
Dimitri's Avatar Dimitri Dimitri is offline
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Re: Poem on guru gobind singh ji

Just Great.
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Old 13-Oct-2006, 21:57 PM
manmitchera's Avatar manmitchera manmitchera is offline
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Re: Poem on guru gobind singh ji

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Old 14-Oct-2006, 15:57 PM
inderpreet99's Avatar inderpreet99 inderpreet99 is offline
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Location: Boston
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    Nationality: United States
Re: Poem on guru gobind singh ji

wow i never knew shiv kumar batalvi wrote such a poem, this totally makes me respect him even more, thanks for sharing.
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Old 21-Oct-2006, 13:52 PM
khoobkhalsa's Avatar khoobkhalsa khoobkhalsa is offline
Enrolled: Oct 21st, 2006
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khoobkhalsa is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: Poem on guru gobind singh ji

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Old 23-Oct-2006, 05:20 AM
kaur-1's Avatar kaur-1 kaur-1 is offline
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kaur-1 is on a distinguished roadkaur-1 is on a distinguished road
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Re: Poem on guru gobind singh ji

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Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network

Great poem. Thanks for sharing.
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