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Introducing Myself

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin Singh, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Admin Singh

    Admin Singh Administrator SPNer

    gurfateh.jpg Gurfateh and Welcome to SPN !!

    Now that you are here, it is a place for all new members to introduce themselves to the fellow members and for the existing members to cheer the new arrivals.

    • To introduce yourself now, simply roll down this page and enter your message in the Quick Reply message box!

    And, please enjoy your stay over here and have a nice time!

    Warm regards,

    Aman Singh
    for SPN Administration
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  2. Happy Birthday Ankhila !!!

    Many Happy Returns for day from Sikh Philosophy Network. Enjoy Life...:)
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  3. Admin Singh

    Admin Singh Administrator SPNer

    Yeh !! Party Time...:)
  4. sukhi

    sukhi SPNer

    hello Sarbjit. i'm sukhi and... uh yeah... nice to meet u. :)
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  5. sukhi

    sukhi SPNer

    party time? what's that? :p
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  6. Heathen Dawn

    Heathen Dawn SPNer

    Hello Sikhs!

    I found this board through sikhphilosophy’s homepage link on Internet Infidels Discussion Board. I’m a non-Abrahamic theist, a neopagan. I’m an Eclectic Wiccan. I practice the rituals and spells of Wicca (neopagan witchcraft), my theology is heavily influenced by Hinduism (soft polytheism: one Creator-God of the universe, the Infinite, the Uncreated Light, the Brahman, who is manifest as many individual Gods and Goddesses), and my afterlife beliefs come from Spiritualism (death of the physical body is birth unto a new life in the hidden, astral realms). For more on my philosophy you can read on my website.

    I come not to convert others to my beliefs but to discuss ideas and learn from others.
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  7. Welcome to the forums Heathen :)

    These forums are also open to any type of discussion without prejudice... so feel free to share your knowledge and beliefs with us...

    Actaully, I am very curious to know more about paganism and wicca in particular... please share your experiences about the practices you follow. can we start from step one... I have read your profile you seems have changed your beliefs set with the passage of times... What does that means... Your search is not finished as yet ? Please share with us.

    Best Regards
    Please enjoy your stay.
  8. Heathen Dawn

    Heathen Dawn SPNer

    Thank you. :)

    You’ll find me making most of my posts on the Hinduism forum. I’ve already posted something there.

    I was raised an atheist, became an Orthodox Jewish monotheist in 1997, left and became a Deist in 1999, returned to atheism a little later, then underwent a period of theological instability and experimentation until the middle of 2004, when I settled on the current synthesis.

    The following articles may make things clear:

    My Theology

    My Doctrine of Creation

    My Spiritual Journey

    As for neopaganism and Wicca, someone recently asked about it on Internet Infidels. Here is the thread:

    http://www.iidb.org/vbb/showthread.php?t=90897 (my post here)
  9. Thanks for those links... you seem to have studied a lot about wicca and paganism... I will have to read these posts thoroughly and then ask you my set of questions...

    Take care :)
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  10. sukhi

    sukhi SPNer

    welcome Heathen Dawn!
  11. sukhi

    sukhi SPNer

    i think it's my turn...

    hello all! i don't think i introduced myself. actually, i don't think i remembered that this section existed til a couple of minutes ago... :eek:

    my name's Sukhi, and i'm tryin to learn as much about spirituality and Sikhi as i possibly can. call me a nerd will'ya, but i believe that knowledge is power... well, for the most part...
  12. Welcome Sukhi Ji,

    Indeed knowledge is power and sharing knowledge is even greater one...:)

    Kind Regards
  13. Heathen Dawn

    Heathen Dawn SPNer

    Thank you sukhi. :)
  14. Admin Singh

    Admin Singh Administrator SPNer

    Welcome Heathen !! :)
  15. Heathen Dawn

    Heathen Dawn SPNer

    Thank you Ideal Singh. :)
  16. Welcome to the forum Heathen, nice to have you here:)
  17. GurFateh Jio!

    Took a while, but I'm finally here, hehe. Just wanted to say a humble Fateh to all of you, hope to learn and contribute as much as possible on this great forum!:D
  18. Welcome Saihajleen Kaur Ji, :)

    Its gr8 to see you around these forums. Hope to learn a lot from you.

    Enjoy your stay over here.

    Best Regards
  19. lion

    lion SPNer

    gur fteh to all, n sis sheijleen kaur ji!,well come!!!

    i am also new to this forum,came to learn from you :)

    daljit singh,belgium
  20. truth_seeker

    truth_seeker SPNer


    just found this board, hope to learn from you all!
    I am trying to follow the Gurus teaching
    but also try to learn as much as I can from other faiths. :)

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