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Why moral values are important

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important, moral, values
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Why moral values are important

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Why moral values are important
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network

by Olivia Bredbenner
When making the choice between right and wrong we often judge others more strongly on their morals; than do we on values . Morals are the "motivation based on ideas of right and wrong ." If we have been blessed with a conscience that shakes us up every once in a while, then we know when we have discarded our morals and turned our back on the "high ground." Perhaps, we have succumbed to group think or peer pressure. It is sometimes hard to be the only one to take a stand against a group of peers going in the wrong direction. Even when we know right from wrong.
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network

It takes some critical thinking about morals when they are tested in our time. Not unlike the past, we are often brought to this challenge fully clothed in the armor of our own core values, if not, we find ourselves standing naked against the potential for being immoral. When moral issues arrive in our life, do we waiver if we know that no one is looking? Hopefully, we turn away from the brief temptation because we are uncomfortable, and live with the knowledge of what is right.

According to Mahatma Gandhi "The root of violence without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humility, worship without sacrifice, politics without principles." How we see ourselves and others is based on ethical terms. Are we honestly committed to playing fair and to do the right thing? Or do we only expect that of others when they deal with us?

Do we live each day judging others harshly and excuse ourselves for the same behavior?

Are we taking the time to instill in our children the importance of doing what is morally right? Do they know this by our words and actions, and our examples of living a life with high moral standards? This is particularly challenging in our lives today. As our media speaks of and displays the dirtiest laundry of the stars of today, often showing to everyone their blatant acts of immorality. A display for our children. Even if their sin is masked in what is thought to be the 'norm" in our secular society today. We innately know that their behavior is wrong.

As parents, we must make sure that in our community and in our homes. We drown out the extremes in behavior and live and teach moral values in our daily lives.

"Reverence for life affords me my fundamental principle of morality, namely that good consists in maintaining, assisting, and enhancing life, and that to destroy, to harm, or to hinder life is evil" Albert Schweitzer- {1875-1965} How very clear the picture of high moral values.

Living a moral life is a path that one must choose, it is not granted as are our blessings. When moral dilemmas come our way. If we fail to choose the moral high ground, then there are consequences that follow our indiscretions. We pay with tarnished reputations, damaged relationships and poor self esteem. With immoral behavior one has desecrated them self when they could have been so much more.


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With the Divine Love & Blessings of WAHEGURU Ji, I wish you peace, love, light (enlightenment), health & happiness in life!
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