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spnadmin 13-Sep-2011 05:20 AM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs ?

Originally Posted by Kitneaadmeethe (Post 152954)
Hello ppl,i am a hindu by religion and diwali a hindu festival though sikh bros. Celebrate it as data bandi chhod diwas. I think sikhs should call it "data bandi chhod diwas" and not diwali since diwali is hindu festival and sikhs celebrate it not because of shri raam return to ayodhya.

I stand with you. We should joyously celebreate Bandi Chhor Diwas. Thanks.

Tammy1949 07-Nov-2011 06:39 AM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs ?
The is nice , and it should be shown to the sikhs at who are fighting on this issue ....<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

swati 13-Nov-2011 04:28 AM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs ?
All the sikhs who are aware of the incidence rather the history behind bandi chhod diwas call it by the same name n not by the name of diwali..

Gyani Jarnail Singh 13-Nov-2011 10:18 AM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs?
BANDI CHODD" was GURU NANAK JI.......but that DAY is not even mentioned ?? LOL..why ?? Simply becasue theres no Diwlai nearby to attach it to.....

2. SECOND Bandi Chodd day is in MAY.............but its PULLED to NOVEMBER so it can be attached to Diwali.....

3. Chalki Muktas DIED in MAY-JUNE..height of summer....BUT the day was pulled to DECEMBER to enable Sikhs to clebrate MAGHEE the Hindu festival...

How many LIES can we create and beleive in jios.... How come no Gurpurab is dragged to coincide with we can also celebrate Christmas but as someother bandichodd maghi shagee etc etc etc type..No Gurpurabs come near EID either..

Kanwaljit Singh 13-Nov-2011 10:35 AM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs?
Hahahaha Gyani ji you are the champion of Sikh cause!

harry haller 13-Nov-2011 13:01 PM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs?
Instead of attatching ourselves, limpet like, to one of the religions that is constantly telling us that we were born from it (and Gyaniji has confirmed what I felt all along), why don't we just celebrate Diwali as Diwali, a Hindu festival with a Hindu background instead of behaving like jealous neighbours trying to hold our own party, and moving around dates and events to justify it, We are Sikhs, We have respect for other religions, I see no reason why we cannot celebrate Eid, Christmas, Diwali as a tribute to Creator and Creation, but not try and integrate everything as being Sikh, or else we risk being seen as Mr India, below

Santa Claus Father Christmas Is He Really Indian Punjabi Sikh Hindu ! - YouTube

Gyani Jarnail Singh 27-Nov-2011 05:59 AM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs?
Harry Ji..Guru nanak ji declared..TRUTH is HIGH..BUT HIGHER still is TRUTHFUL LIVING....but SIKHS threw that into the "Rubbish Bin" they cannot live TRUTHFULLY so they invent LIES to justify themselves..LOL...........

Gyani Jarnail Singh 27-Nov-2011 06:08 AM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs?
Btw Harry Ji..Last FRIDAY was THANKSGIVING in USA and also Shaheedee Gurpurab of Guru teg bahadur JI Sahib....what a wonderful UNITY of Concepts to Joyfully Celebrate BOTH worldwide....Thanksgiving to Akal Purakh in deep appreciation of The Principles that Guru Teg bahadur Ji gave His life to UPHOLD...PRINCIPLES that shine throughout the WORLD....but i didnt see any "Sikh" organization/individual appreciating the TWO "jointly celebrated" such only solely for Diwali and Holi etc ?? SIKHS today are not confined to Majority Hindu India..they live in Muslim majority areas, Christian majority areas..all over the WORLD and Sikhi is a UNIVERSAL FAITH...we should share the festivals of all HUMANITY....WE cannot depend on the Amritsar jathedars to provide leadership..they have sold their souls for 21 generations to the RSS..and wear BHAGWA glasses SO THICK that they even see "apples" in ORANGE !!

harry haller 27-Nov-2011 17:35 PM

Re: Why is Diwali Important to Sikhs?

Surely as members of Creation we must celebrate all and every festival as if it were our own, but not try and assimilate it into our culture, celebrating Creation in any way is Sikh like, I believe,

Oh well, tommorow is Pagan Free Love day, As a sikh it is my duty to honour this and celebrate Creation in the traditional pagan way............

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