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Sikh Philosophy Network » Sikh Philosophy Network » Current News » Sikh News » India doles out cash to fix sex ratio

India doles out cash to fix sex ratio

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india, doles, cash, fix, sex, ratio
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Old 11-Mar-2005, 09:30 AM
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Post India doles out cash to fix sex ratio

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... India's Sikh community is leading in the female-to-male imbalance, with 893 women for every 1,000 Sikh men against the national average of 933. ...

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Old 11-Mar-2005, 20:07 PM
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Re: India doles out cash to fix sex ratio

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India's northern state of Punjab has a sex ratio of 798 females per 1,000 males

The money will be given to the child when she turns 20, and both parents would have to undergo verified birth control operations, the BBC reported.
For quite some time, I am wondering about how things could change, as change of attitude is very difficult without full dedication from both sides. Money give-out is good, if that is utilized for the well-being of a girl to make her feel a young and confidant woman. But if this money after 20 years is to be used on the rituals for show-off during say marriage, then purpose is defeated.

how a change can be achieved: Start at the micro level. Make a model village, where girls are taken utmost care of. They are nurtured to become well-educated, leaders, managers, and best house-holders. Then such infection ought to be spread out, as an example to others. Once successful within a few years, this attitude got to spread like an epidemic across nations. A desire to be a better human being, and keep on progressing. And as they say - things start from our own family. Once that is taken care of, then next close relations. And it is not difficult to realize that all of us are related by the same bond via Him.

Just a few thoughts.

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