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VS.NET 2003, ADO.NET 1.1 And Access 2000: Getting A Concurrency Violation

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Rod, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Rod

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    I have written a Visual Studio .NET 2003 app, using ADO.NET to retrieve
    several hundred records out of an Access 2000 database, and putting them all
    into a DataSet. Then my app goes against a SQL Server 2000 database,
    retrieves other data and updates about 500 records in the DataSet. I am
    only interested in updating about 50 of the columns in each row (there are
    about 150 columns in the table), I decided to write my own update command
    and associate it with the OleDbDataAdapter that I use to retrieve the
    original table from the Access database. And I also thought I would
    determine how many records there are to update, before I retrieve anything
    from SQL Server.

    When I run my app, it gives me an error that says, "Concurrency violation:
    the UpdateCommand affected 0 records."

    However, I have also discovered that this error message isn't exactly true.
    It has, in fact, updated 1 record. It does that each time I run the app, as
    the total count of records needing updating is 1 less each time I run this.
    So, my guess is that it is updating the first record and then something
    stops it from updating anything more.

    I have experimented, to a small degree, with isolation level, but Access
    doesn't support much, along those lines.

    So, what am I doing wrong, and what could I do to make it possible for the
    app to submit all 500 records, rather than having me run my application 500

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