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Using AcOutputServerView

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Tim Unsted, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Tim Unsted

    Tim Unsted
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    Is there an upper limit to the length of the [ObjectName] argument when
    using the DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputServerView to output data to Excel, for
    example. I'm hitting on problems when using an SQL statement that exceeds
    around 160 characters (running Access 2000). I can find no documentation
    about any such constraint.

    I'm using a form that allows users to build a customized export of data but
    this is only working when using a handful of fields - not much good, really.
    If there is a limit to the length of this argument, does anyone have any
    other suggestions as to how I might achieve such and export?

    The following is a typical SQL statement generated that does work, so you
    can see the type of string I'm trying to use:

    SELECT [Author],[Author/Editor],[Citation],[Classmark],[Collection] FROM
    KAVExportCopyDetails WHERE [Media Type] IN ('Encyclopedia') Order By

    Obviously I could get rid of some of the square brackets, but because the
    SQL string is dynamically generate this would be problematic because they
    are required around certain field name. This is really missing the point
    anyway. Anything much longer than this string and I get an error.
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