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Using Access On A Server

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Jim, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Jim

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    I have a small database file @ 6megs and what i would like to do is put it on
    a remote server and be able to open the file, update the database and save
    the updates that where made to the file. also I need to make a web page link
    to that file so that visitors can search the data but not make changes to the
    file. I am allready with a webhosting service and have been trying to work
    this out. I have put the file in a subdirectory and installed the OBDC
    drivers that were supplied by the service. that did not seem to work. Am I
    headed in the right direction or do i need to change courses I am new to
    databases and would be happy for any help Suggestions on reading material
    would also be helpfull thanks
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  3. OP
    Albert D.Kallal

    Albert D.Kallal
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    For the most part, ms-access has nothing to do with web based systems, and
    for troubles here, you are on the wrong path.

    Learning, and using ms-access will not yield really much, if anything in
    of building a web based system.

    So, keep in mind that ms-access is really of little use for web based
    systems. (kind of don't want you to waste time going down the
    wrong path).

    You can certainly place, or use ms-access over a internet connection.

    I explain the haws, and whys here:

    You can read my article on WANS (wide area networks) here:


    The above assumes that you kind of split your appcation already,
    and were wondering "why" it would not performance well over the
    internet. So, the above assumes that you read my following article
    on splitting your database


    In your case, you are talking about a webhosting service provider.
    Does that provider allow you to install software, and re-boot the
    server? How else are you going to install, maintain, and use that server
    if you can't install software, and use that system as you please?

    that system is also being used by others...and, so, installing software,
    and re-booting, and generally making a complete mess of that computer
    is likely not going to be allowed by you.

    So, your solution is to find a provider that has the software already
    installed, or allows you to setup, and do what you want.

    Many companies do offer a hosted box solution. (but, you
    have to provide the computer).

    However, the more affordable approach is to use what your web service
    provider offers you. So, the vast majority offer ms sql server, and also
    MySql. So, you can certainly connect your ms-access front end to the
    back end. However, connecting ms-access to the server does not give you
    a "web" based application.

    Since you are for the most part looking to have a web based system, then
    your efforts should not be centered on using ms-access....you don't need
    So, time to move on over to web based newsgroups...this is the wrong one...

    Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP)
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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