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Update Query Question

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by troy, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. troy

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    Pretty simple (I think) update question.

    Tbl A has Unique (one) ID number for multiple ID's below
    Tbl B (could have) Multiple ID numbers for Tbl A above

    How would I get the correct results if I make a change in one ProductID
    record without receiving all the Product ID's assciated with table A ID


    Table A will only have one ID number. But table B could have multiple ID's
    related to one of the Table A ID numbers. I just wat the results to only one
    record in table B and not all of them taht are associated with table A ID
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  3. OP
    John Vinson

    John Vinson
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    On Wed, 24 May 2006 08:46:01 -0700, troy
    <troy@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

    > I just wat the results to only one
    >record in table B and not all of them taht are associated with table A ID

    Which one?

    Do you have any algorithm to decide WHICH TableB record you want to
    see? Or does it matter?

    And your subject line refers to an Update query: which table are you
    updating, and to what?

    John W. Vinson[MVP]
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