UK 'Trapped' Illegal Immigrants Sleep On Streets


This is very sad and no surprise really.
In reality, this situation is throughout the country. Most end up with an indian family businesses. A single guy would say start working for a small family that owns a shop.They would give him accomadation and basic meals, with very little money. It works economically for the family and that is just how they see it.
Some of them feel that they are doing a big favour-they are, but only because its financially beneficial (cheaper than employing legally)

Most of these men are too embarassed to go back, even if they could.

A few years ago, the criminal gangs would make between 5-7 thousand pounds per person.
The individual pays anything upto 10,000 in £ uk pounds back in India, then end up with nowhere to go after following the false promises.

Sadly, there are a lot of intelligent punjabis that have sacrificed decent careers back home and ended up like this.

Sat kartar
Lucky Singh

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Sadly, there are a lot of intelligent punjabis that have sacrificed decent careers back home and ended up like this.>>>>>>>>>
Really Jios ?? Are these really intelligent OR "intelligent-minus "
They paid literally LAKHS of rupees acquired by SELLING off their daddy lands.....and NONE of them have ever seen the inside of a passport office ( they rather go through third parties, agents, etc who of course loot them..)..and then go the ILLEGAL Route. I had abrilliant studnet of mine in Kapurthala....she scored a 6 band IELTS, MA in Economics...etc etc..but then she showed the typical "intelligent minus" by marrying an ILLEGAL in UK ( in his abssence since he being illegal couldnt very well be there in india to wed her.ha ha - his father put a photo there instead and everybody gave the shagans etc to the about intelligent..)..and then she visited the usual Agent..paid 5 lakh and arrived in UK as illegal wife of a illegal...luckily for ehr the hubby got hsi papers alst year...after 12 years illegal stay in uk...and so he went visitibg India hwile his ILLEGAL wife cant....i asked her why you never chose to go ahve ielts you :interestedsingh:have a degree..oh..thats so difficult..passport office in ajlandhar..too many trips .agent is and there you have it INTELLIGENT ???...