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Too Many Results In A Report

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Teresa, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Teresa

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    I built a database, to hold meetings. There is a main meeting table
    with meeting details, and a meeting can have multiple representatives
    at it, and multiple contacts for the meetings, and multiple issues
    discussed at each meeting. so I have a representative table joined with
    a one to many junction table which has a many to one relationship to
    the meeting table, and the junction table contains a meeting id,
    representative id , and meetingrepresentative id (PK), the other two
    table, issues and contacts, are joined in the same way to the meeting
    table through junction tables.

    My problem is that if someone wants a report based on say, all the
    meetings that representative "A" attends. Say at one of the meetings:
    there were three issues, and two contacts, and two other
    representatives at that meeting, The query the report is based on (I'll
    include SQL at end) returns 18 rows for that one meeting. I understand
    why it does that: because each row has one unique field to set it apart
    from al lthe other similar rows.

    The problem I am having is the report end of it. I have tried using
    the grouping and sorting in every way I can think of in the report
    wized, (and afterwards in the report design view properties) to make
    the data look nice and to get rid of the redundant parts of the row
    returns. I have also tried the "hide duplicates" in the properties,
    and every combination of the above measures that I can imagine. Am I
    missing something, or is there another way to stop it from repeating
    each rep, with each issue, etc?

    Here is a sample of the sql for the search by representative query:

    SELECT Meeting.MeetingID, Meeting.Date, Meeting.MeetingCommunity,
    Representatives.RepresentativeName, Contact.ContactName,
    KeyIssues.IssuesName, Meeting.AreasofDiscussion, Meeting.Formal,
    FROM Representatives INNER JOIN (((Meeting INNER JOIN (Contact INNER
    JOIN MeetingContact ON Contact.ContactID = MeetingContact.ContactID) ON
    Meeting.MeetingID = MeetingContact.MeetingID) INNER JOIN (KeyIssues
    INNER JOIN MeetingIssues ON KeyIssues.IssueID = MeetingIssues.IssuesID)
    ON Meeting.MeetingID = MeetingIssues.MeetingID) INNER JOIN
    MeetingRepresentative ON Meeting.MeetingID =
    MeetingRepresentative.MeetingID) ON Representatives.RepresentativeID =
    WHERE (((Representatives.RepresentativeName)=[Enter Representative
    Name] Or (Representatives.RepresentativeName)=[Second Rep-Hit Enter to

    Any help is appreciated.
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