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Sikh News Sukhmani Sahibs For The Sikh Shaheeds

Discussion in 'Breaking News' started by Aman Singh, May 23, 2009.

  1. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh
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    Jun 1, 2004
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    With the 25th commemoration of the Ghallughara, a great initiative called ‘Sukhmani Sahibs for the Sikh Shaheeds‘ (being held the first week of June, 2009) is being coordinated by the Jakara Movement throughout the United States. Starting in California, facebook groups have sprung up in Michigan, and the numbers of people participating are increasing. Texas and Washington DC have added to the list.

    The simplest, yet most powerful, thing one can offer another soul is a prayer.
    Many of our parents are involved in sukhmani Sahib groups in their local Gurdwaras. The Sikh Memorial Center is asking these groups, as well as any others that wish to participate, to come together and remember Guru Arjun’s Shahadat and the Memory of the Shaheeds that gave their lives in the third Ghallughara (June 1984). How to we propose this remembrance? We are asking for these groups across the North America to perform sukhmani Sahib during the first week of June and open the event to their entire local Sangat.

    Please send Amandeep Dhillon, an email (akdhillon1@gmail.com) or give me a phone call 559-779-1101 if you would like more information about how your region can participate.

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  3. Hardip Singh

    Hardip Singh India
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    Jan 14, 2009
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    Dear Aman jee,

    Can you please guide me how all these paths are going to do something for our Shaheeds.

    Gurbani is very much clear on one aspect that is the recitation of any path or bani is to know what our great Gurus have to say for the Akalpurakh. Simran of HIM helps one to get unite with HIM. Ardaas could be one thing by which atleast one could request from HIM something for the Shaheeds.

    Don't you relise so. Pl someone put light on this important aspect. We have been giving too much of our precious time to these sukhmani paths, Akhand or Sampat paths and Keertan Samagams insted of HIS SIMRAN which our great Gurus have asked to do ONLY. Remember HIS words.......... ' NANAK KE GHAR KEWAL NAAM'.

    Regards & Guru fateh.
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  4. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Malaysia
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    Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
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    Jul 4, 2004
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    1. No body knows where the shaheeds ( and everyone else who "departs" ) WENT....and where and inn what condition their "souls" are ??? Di they "need" our prayers/help ??

    2. GURBANI is AMPLY CLEAR..NO ONE can HELP the "departed" in any way...either Before departing or after. The ONLY person who is helped is the ONE who did his/her OWN "Naam Simran"/Naam kamaii/followed GURBANI in his LIFE TIME..and thus EARNED the FRUITS of NAAM which COUNT in the hereafter.
    GURU NANAK JI ILLUSTRATED THIS point so WELL at Kurkshetar where He Threw Water towards Kartarpur Punjab in front of MILLIONS..throwing water towards the SUN..for their Departed Ancestors.
    Guur Ji declared..IF my WATER cannot reach PUNJAB..a few hundred miles away..how can YOURS reach the SUN..millions of miles away.
    The "MILLIONS" never understood then..and they DONT GET IT EVEN TODAY. They send "water"..we send "paaths/ardasses/guru ke langgar" SAME THING.

    GURU NANAK the True Revolutionary..WROTE it all in His GURBANI, explained it all in His Visits..and even ILLUSTRATED IT GRAPHICALLY so that even the most dumb could GET IT....YET many still dont get it or dont want to.

    THe BEST WAY to "Commemeorate" the Sacrifices of these and other Shaheeds..is NOT ritually reciting paaths... ITS through READONG GURBANI....IMBIBING ITS TEACHINGS in our DAILY LIVES..so that we BECOME LIVING MIRROR SHAHEEDS...of the likes of Baba Deep Singh Ji, Bhai mani Singh Ji, Baba Ajit Singh, Jhujaar Singh, Zorawar Singh fateh Singh, Baba Banda Singh Ji and the 1984 martyrs..etc etc etc..the LONG UNENDING LINE of such GREAT MEN to continue !!! WE MUST LIVE GURBANI....such "ritulised ginntee minntees are simply advertisement campaigns....records of which are sent up daily...million Chaupees..billion Sukhmanis..etc etc..Sehaj paaths and Akhand Paaths by the various Deras continue to set such RECORDS all the time...and YET we see more and more SIKHS..discarding their Dastaars..more and more sikhs losing their Kirpans....is THIS "LIVING GURBANI" ?? Does GURBANI COLOUR US in its RAANG ?? WHY ?? Is it a Failure of GURBANI or our failure ?? I DECLARE its OUR FAILURE...just like the Lallaera or Colour Artist who fails to follwo proper instructions to COLOUR your Dastaar/Chunni will sell you a dastaar that LOSES its COLOUR after the first WASH..KACHA RAANG...such ways of Reading Gurbani..leads to KACHA RAANG..NOT the TRUE PAKKA RAANG that GURBANI is sure to Give our LIVES.

    Bhul Chuk Maaf... I DONT and NEVER support such Campaigns.:crazy::crazy::crazy::advocate::advocate:
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