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Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Z, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Z

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    Im starting to create a new database and was looking for information
    and feedback about how to create it. Basically its an 'simple'
    inventory database, I have looked at the sample database that comes
    with access 2000 and its a little bit over kill for what i need. The
    only problem is that I have to sort inventory by categories and there
    are fields within fields which need to be sorted and shown the 'amount

    There are three categories

    and in those categories there are sub categories
    Gender - male or female
    Position - K or C or R
    Size - S or M or L or XL or XL2 or XL3

    Now what im thinking is making X many different tables to sort the
    information... (dont know if theres a better way or more effcient)

    What Im looking to create is a form that you can enter all the data

    also the form needs to show the amount left in the category that the
    person is ordering in
    or it can show all remaining in all the possible categories and this
    needs to be displayed on the same form as the entering.
    for example:
    male, K, S = 10 left
    male, K, M = 10 left
    female, C, XL = 0 left

    I need those to show in real time, once the person inputs the
    information (name, gender, etc.) and hit submit or enter it will move
    on to a new record and will change the information about how many

    What I know i can do is to break ALL of them up into their own
    categories and make a form etc. However, i was wondering if there was
    a way to some how sort the information either into one big table - but
    it would need to be able to show the stats of the remaining amount left
    in each category (this i dont know how to do, im thinking a query with

    Any input or suggestions or tips are welcomed!
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