USA Sikh Congregation Delivers Generous Food Donation To Bread For Life


1947-2014 (Archived)
Sikh Congregation Delivers Generous Food Donation To Bread For Life,0,1993759.story

Eldon Hafford, executive director of Southington Bread for Life, right, meets members of the local Sikh Congregation as they deliver items collected during a food drive to the BFL storage facility. (Photo courtesy of the Sikh Congregation / December 29, 2013)

by Robin Lee Michel, Southington Bread for Life Southington

The Sikh Congregation, located on West Street, presented a collection of food items to Southington Bread for Life in early December. A minivan was packed to the ceiling with the donated items when it made the delivery to Bread for Life.

"Once again your donation of food is so greatly appreciated at this time of year. You are making a difference in feeding the hungry right here in Southington. There are those who have less and depend on us to give them any support that we can," said Eldon Hafford, executive director of Bread for Life.

"As our mission is to provide food, fellowship and a sense of dignity to those in need, you make it all possible. Without your support we could not do all that we do," he told the group of Sikhs when they made the recent delivery. Hafford said the Sikhs from the Southington Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar have made numerous donations in the past, all which were greatly appreciated.


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