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Run Tests Through Access?

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Ben, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Ben

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    I am currenlty employed as a junior business analyst and I have been using
    MS Access for s ome time as a store for our analysis. What this analysis
    consists of is looking at individual data elements and building data
    transmissions containing these data elements. These transmissions must coform
    to the specs we receive from our clients. Access has been great in our
    analysis phase so I would like to explore the possibilities for Access to
    support our testing pahse. Ideally I would like to incorporate it into my
    existing Access application.
    We send our analysis to the developers the data transmissions and then they
    begin to send us the completed transmissions back in CSV format. I played
    around with building tables that conform to tour specs and importing the CSV
    files to it and checked for errors. This worked well but was very labour
    intensive and I had difficulty seperating the header and trailer records from
    the message batch.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how this could be provided for in Access?
    Would it be easier upgrading to SQL for the DTS? Any ideas you have would be
    fantastic for me!! Many thanks -Ben
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