Nov 5, 2010

This article has no reference and is written way it has come,
so contradiction can not be resolved,
just writing the way religion reveals
Any contents found inappropriate please reject.

"Bhul Chuk Maaf"

We are created beings and have no creative power,
learning the creative skills from nature,
one develop art and makes physical development.

Like other physical developments cars, mobiles, etc

"religions" too have origin and development

As the human brain experienced

"Breath" and its formations " Architecture" from the passage of voice box

1st communication system was devised and tool developed

is "SAANS" "KRITI" or "Architecture of Breath"

And all the comprehensive study was done and was completed

that was invention of Lord "Brahma"
and lipi (alphabet) is also known as "Brahma Lipi"

And latter everyone communicated with this system.

Mamallian brain transformed in vocal brain.

Than all images stored in mind were given vocabulary or vocal sounds.

Images in mind were produced as vocal names were given.

And communication system inititated.

As the system was new, humans were unable to temper.

So MIND SPEECH ACTION has straight line. and so it was "SATYUGA"

Less of crime, peace, development etc

Grammer developed and one was able to manipulate

One can temper imaginations while producing vocal sound

From here the down gradation of "YUG" took place and

second "ERA" begins

In this "YUG" science has developed, man has experience of inside body.

But for ones "revealed information" one has no tool for others to get "revealed"

the best tool was to related as a human body, as everyone knows human body

To teach science "ICONS" or "IDOLS" were created to teach science to masses in "Mandirs"

But few of "Pandits" use there knowledge for exploitation

and live a effortless, luxirous life .

By than the vocal transformations, and for many decades, "VEDAS" and "OTHER" were

vocally transferred to next generations.

Next generation was literal development, literal language was developed and practised.

Mohammed after having experience of literal knowledge was enlightened

But was deserted to deserts, as "PUNDITS" were afraid of knowledge acquired by him

Because of fear that he can make other one awakened and can create social disorder specially "MANDIR's" and "Pundits" which display "PAKHAND" and not "TRUTH"

will loose the business.

In desert Mohammed evolved new "LAW of NAture" which was opposite to "Asian Region" so

"Muslim Religion" was propogated as "Anti Hindu" as the "Law of NAture" was reverse in deserts

How one can burn wood, when wood is not available for cooking

Because of arge Space avaialable

"Burial" was intelligent way for disposing dead

so do in "Cold Regions"

But Asian region has Nature's Life Support

So far this region Burial will become problem Like in Japan

So the best way was "BURNING"

Later the language tool was simplified and "ENGLISH" was formulated

Easy to write learning formation of O and I one can form all 26 alphabets.
And it became most popular tool for leaning globally

To remove imperfections in religious sytem

And futher new formation of religious system "Sikhism" evolved.

Now if one has to opt between

the first developed car and new Rolce Royce the choice will be .....

to learn Machine language or Dot Net the choice will be ........

"Hindu's say we have initiated and are superior

and European's say we have developed and are most wanted so we are superior

But without understaing of "Origins" one can not get the desired fruit

"JAD CHETNA" thought of "Origins" is important to understand

and to diffuse "EGO"

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh