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Religion Discussions


Jan 9, 2008
puCn gl eImwn dI kwzI mulW iekTy hoeI]
vfw sWg vrqwieAw lK n sky kudriq koeI]
puCx Kol ikqwb nUM vfw ihMdU kI muslmwnoeI]
bwbw AwKy hwzIAW SuB AmlW bwJo dovyN roeI]
ihMdU muslmwn doie drgih AMdr lYx n FoeI]
kcw rMg kusuMB kw pwxI DoqY iQr n rhoeI]
krn bKIlI Awp ivc rwm rhIm kuQwie KloeI]
rwh SYqwnI dunIAw goeI ]óó]

Qazi and maulvis got together and began discussing religion.
A great fantasy has been created and no one could understood its mystery.
They asked Baba Nanak to open and search in his book whether Hindu is great or the Muslim.
Baba replied to the pilgrim hajis, that, without good deeds both will have to weep and wail.
Only by being a Hindu or a Muslim one can not get accepted in the court of the Lord.
As the colour of safflower is impermanent and is washed away in water, likewise the colours of religiosity are also temporary.
(Followers of both the religions) In their expositions, denounce Ram and Rahim.
The whole of the world is following the ways of Satan.

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