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Re: Using Access To Update A Sharepoint (SPS 2003) List

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by lylefair, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. lylefair

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    It seems a "tolerance overflow" error has occurred here.

    A good error handler might post all the relevant information here, and
    suggest a "SLEEP" procedure (waking up after we have had a chance to
    consider that).

    I'm assuming the error occurs in "3) simple query" (else why would you
    have carried your description that far?) and that you have included
    parts 1) and 2) as background information?

    I see that you say you have checked the range of everything and my
    recollection of previous posts you have made in other groups suggest
    that you are much too advanced to say that numeric to numeric should
    work regardless of data type, unless there is something special that I
    don't understand.

    Can we assume that we are talking JET?

    Can we assume that your machinations with Date and Year do not at any
    time result in asking whatever engine we are using to put eight bytes
    of date information into a four byte integer holder?

    BTW, Aaron, when you are calm and rational, your capability shines
    through. When you rant, it's quite a bit harder to discern.

    It would be really helpful for me and probably for others as well, if
    you wrote a nice little post on Access and SharePoint, about which I
    know Zip. Yes, I could Google it, but some personal observations and
    pointers would provide a motivation for doing so.
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  3. OP

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    Hey, Aaron the moronic troll,

    Wonder why your stupid questions never get answered? Why don't you
    review your idiotic replies and responses in the many forum and
    newsgroup areas and check out how crappy you are regarding mentality
    and manners?

    I heard Microsoft was so happy with firing you that they might consider
    giving some software away for no charge!!!!:p

    You must be fun at a party - it's always nice to have a target to pick
    on ... you know - the one who has the sign glued to his back that says,
    "Kick me, I'm stupid."

    trollstomper's Profile: http://helpfeeds.com/member.php?userid=1320
    View this thread: http://helpfeeds.com/showthread.php?t=151198
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