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Re: Update BE Split Databases

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Larry Kahm, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Larry Kahm

    Larry Kahm
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    If you can use a third-party product, take a look at FMS's Total Access
    Admin. http://www.fmsinc.com/products/Admin/index.asp

    This product lets you alert users so that you can make the changes you need
    to the BE.

    There are only a few components to install into your application, with a
    minimum amount of modifications to those components.

    I've recently used it at a client site and their local part-time database
    admin is thrilled with the ablity to find out who is in the database, send
    the notice that it is time to log off, and have the product force users out
    if they left their workstations on overnight.

    Also - and I found this out first-hand - FMS provides really top-notch
    service and technical support!

    Larry Kahm
    Heliotropic Systems, Inc.

    "bondtk" <bondtk@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
    > I've been reading how to split a database into a FE/BE scenario which
    > sounds
    > great! I understand how easy it would be for me to update the front end,
    > let's say, on my local machine then send out the updated version to all
    > users
    > (with the proper links of course). But does anyone have a good idea of
    > how
    > to make changes to the back end of the database without making all users
    > exit
    > out of their front end copy? Let's say I wanted to change or add a field
    > to
    > a table or add a completely new table. Access won't let me update the back
    > end unless all users are "out". I thought about copying the BE and doing
    > the
    > changes, but while I would be updating the BE, the users would be
    > constantly
    > adding new records, which wouldn't be in my working copy if I copy my
    > updated
    > BE over the old one. My first guess is to make sure I have all my tables
    > set
    > up fairly well before deployment. One question/comment about FE changes-I
    > assume that once I do an update on the FE, I could very simply email the
    > new
    > FE to all users (with correct UNC links) and instruct them to save and
    > overwrite the old version.
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