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RE: Subform Requery

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by NetworkTrade, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. NetworkTrade

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    My advice on the subform-new record issue is somewhat evasive - in that I do
    not like subforms because they become limited in space so quickly. I would
    tend to put a button on the first form "PatientStudies" that opens the
    PatientPhase form - using the key link so it is the same patient info that
    opens up. So it is a separate form and not a subform

    But if you have to stick with the subform set up - be sure to double check
    and compare your properties of these forms that they allow edits &

    As to a requery; with an event - such as a button click - you can use the
    Macro module to set it up so it closes the form/query and then reopens the
    query/form - which is a requery in the end....

    not quite sure I fully understand your situation and this is a little off
    the cuff....

    "Harley Feldman" wrote:

    > I have a main form called "Studies" with two subforms "PatientStudies" and "PatientPhases" PatientStudies is linked in Master/Child relationship by StudyID and works fine. PatientPhases could be a subform of PatientStudies linked by PatientKey. However, when I put PatientPhases as a subform of PatientStudies, I cannot add new records to the PatientPhases table upon which the PatientPhases Subform is based - the new record indicator is grayed out.
    > I have also tried to place both subforms on the Studies form and link them through the PatientKey text box on the PatientStudies form. I set up a query to find the data items from PatientPhases with a criteria of Forms!Studies![PatientPhases Subform]![PatientKey]. I think that all I need now is to force a Requery of the PatientPhases form under the Current or AfterUpdate event on the PatientStudies form.
    > Do anyone know either what I am doing wrong in the first approach or can tell me how to force a requery for the PatientPhases subform from the PatientStudies form?
    > Thanks,
    > Harley
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