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Re: Query Returns A Column Full Of "#ERROR"

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by [MVP] S.Clark, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. [MVP] S.Clark

    [MVP] S.Clark
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    There is a colon after the externalid. You can't rename something in the
    middle of the equation.

    Steve Clark, Access MVP
    FMS, Inc
    Professional Access Database Repair
    *FREE* Access Tips: http://www.fmsinc.com/free/tips.html

    "Maury Markowitz" <MauryMarkowitz@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in
    message news:7627617C-D8A9-4E1D-B77A-DEB6F34A18A3@microsoft.com...
    > We have two databases, on in SQL Server, and another in PervasiveSQL. I am
    > attempting to compare data in the two via a query in a .mdb.
    > The query in question joins on two Pervasive tables. One lists a series of
    > "trades", the other "xrefs", small text tags. They are related via a trade
    > id
    > field that is "Number" in the trade table, and a fixed-length char field
    > in
    > the other (so that the xref could contain ID's from many tables, not just
    > trades).
    > I wrote a query to convert the text into a number so the two could be
    > linked. For the trade id, I used:
    > TaNum: CLng(Trim([PAMID])) / externalId: CLng(Trim([ExternalID]))
    > Running this query returns a proper looking table of two columns with what
    > appear to be numbers in both.
    > However, when I then join that query with the trades table, selecting the
    > externalId for display, externalId says "#ERROR" for every record. I have
    > no
    > idea what this means.
    > I tried various small edits, like removing the CLng, but then it won't
    > even
    > let you save the query (and it shouldn't). It _appears_ I am doing "the
    > right
    > thing".
    > Any ideas?
    > Maury
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  3. OP
    Maury Markowitz

    Maury Markowitz
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    "[MVP] S.Clark" wrote:

    > There is a colon after the externalid. You can't rename something in the
    > middle of the equation.

    No. I simply cut and pasted both columns onto a single line.

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