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Re: Problem With Chart In Access

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Guayo from Chile, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Guayo from Chile

    Guayo from Chile
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    Sure, I can but, I need the engine recognize automaticly the month that
    hasn't record, then insert a blank cell for these month into datasheet and
    then microsoft graph can transform blanks cell in "0" and show it in the
    chart. So, I need a VB code or SQL expression in order to tell the engine
    what I want.
    Did you get it Betsy?

    "betwalk@gmail.com" wrote:

    > Guayo from Chile wrote:
    > > I'm creating an access database. I'm trying to get a lineal graph showing in
    > > X categories the each months and Sum of count incidents registered in Y
    > > categories, both, between some initial and final date indicated in dialog
    > > form. The graph gets de records from a Select Query, from some tables that
    > > one of it has an ID and date camp in dd-mm-yy format. Any time that occur an
    > > incident, I must to insert the date when occur. The problem is: if I select a
    > > period like Jan to Apr and I have records for Jan, Mar and Apr only, the
    > > lineal graph shows points for just the month Jan, Mar and Apr but not for
    > > Feb, where it hasn't records because nothing happened in these month but; I
    > > need the graph shows the point Feb as 0 incident any way. How con I solve the
    > > problem?
    > > Please, help me any body has the answer!
    > > Guayo from Chile.

    > -----------------------------------
    > Hello Guayo-
    > Can you enter a record for February showing zero activity?
    > Betsy
    > -----------------------------------------
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  3. OP

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    Well, I guess I don't get it.

    If you enter a record for February showing zero activity, then it will
    already be in the data. I see no need for code. The report would
    reflect the "0" you provide in your data. I tried it and it worked
    just fine.
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