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Re: Mysterious Deleting

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Tony Toews, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Tony Toews

    Tony Toews
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    "Nikki" <Nikki@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

    >I realize that records do not delete themselves. But there are only two
    >people with access to this database, myself and my assistant. Not only am I
    >the database administrator, but I add records daily to this database...and
    >several times in the past few weeks, I will be in the middle of typing a
    >record and all of a sudden the form goes blank (except for the record
    >number); sometimes we can reenter the information on the record, but if we go
    >forward and type a new record and come back to the record that had a problem
    >it will not be there. Other times, the program freezes and we have to exit
    >and come back in; at which point we check to see what the last complete
    >record is and we are generally missing the last one we worked on.
    >We do not intentionally abandon a record nor have we been able to determine
    >a pattern (a certain time of day, network problems, accidentally hitting a
    >certain key, etc.). I am not purposely deleting records, neither is my

    This sounds like a flaky network issue. Have you ever seen the "Disk
    or Network Error" message?

    For example on one laptop, if I wiggled the network connection the
    green light would go out. I had to push it in just that little bit

    For more information on corruption including possible causes,
    determining the offending PC, retrieving your data, links, official MS
    KB articles and a list of vendors who state they can fix corruption
    see the Microsoft Access Corruption FAQ at

    Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
    Please respond only in the newsgroups so that others can
    read the entire thread of messages.
    Microsoft Access Links, Hints, Tips & Accounting Systems at
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