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RE: Help Needed For Programming

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by hagen31, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. hagen31

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    I don't think this task involves much programming. You can create tables and
    then create forms for teachers to enter information and then queries to run
    reports to obtain usefull information.
    Ex. in your table you could have student,penalty,date,check box for if
    executed, field for notes,etc..
    and many other features can be added depending on what you really need done.
    This is a forum for Access which is a database program from Microsoft and
    this program could create what you need. Do you know how to use Access?

    "Leen Wouters" wrote:

    > Hello,
    > I am very new to access and yet I have been asked to "develop" a small
    > program with it that has several functionalities.
    > I 'm going to describe the situation here, maybe someone can launch me by
    > telling what to do, in which order and how ? Thanks in advance.
    > I 'm working in a school environment where students get "detention" if they
    > do something wrong. There are 3 different penalties, depending on the
    > severity of their actions.
    > I need to write a program now, which keeps track of these penalties per
    > student.
    > Eg. if a student does something wrong, I need somekind of userfriendly
    > "tool" in which the teacher can create the record for that student,
    > including the penalty he/she gets, the date, hours of the penalty and
    > whether it has been executed or not. Because many of these scheduled
    > penalties get postponed for different reasons.
    > If that happens (postpone), I need to keep track of that as well and
    > reschule it, again with the possibility to 1) set the executed parameter to
    > "true" or 2) reschedule it.
    > Of course I need to be able to generate reports such as: total overview of
    > all penalties for all students, penalties schedled a certain month, whether
    > or not a signed letter from the parents (being notified what is happening in
    > school) has been received etc... (a number of other things as well, but I
    > will already be glad if I get this rolling already).
    > Can anybody help me getting started with this ? Or perhaps has a similar
    > program developed of which you can send me the source as well ? Or knows of
    > a freeware that had similar functionalities ???
    > Any help is greatly appreciated.
    > Rgds,
    > Leen.
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