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Re: Form

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Krazy Darcy, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Krazy Darcy

    Krazy Darcy
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    That query code helped me with a search button I want to impliment on my
    database so users don't have to revisit the switchboard to launch the search.

    In the form with the text box that is the input to the query, and the button
    that launches the query the only other thing in the test form is a subform
    that is supposed to be based on the query (I used the subform wizard and told
    it to use the query).
    However the query results pop up in another window instead of the subform.

    I need to redirect the output of the query to the subform
    "Someone" wrote:

    > Have you based the subform on a query to the table? If so, you can then set
    > up the query where the criteria for each field = whatever is entered into
    > the corresponding textbox on the form and, if appropriate, AND where the
    > textbox is null. For example:
    > [Forms]![FormName]![TextBoxName] Or [Forms]![FormName]![TextBoxName] Is Null
    > Wrap 'Like "*" & ...... & "*" around the above if you want to search part of
    > the field.
    > All you then have to do then is requery the data to refresh it.
    > You haven't told us how you send the query, so I can't answer why it doesn't
    > work how you want it to, except to say you haven't done it correctly - you
    > just need to follow the above format.
    > M
    > "flow23" <flow23@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
    > news:75A2BA10-162D-42C0-AFE0-B1533F9D00C0@microsoft.com...
    > >I have a form which has fields from a query
    > >
    > > Also at the top,in the form is search fields
    > >
    > >
    > > When I enter the keywords in the search box, It popups a new datasheet
    > > view
    > > of the query with the right results
    > >
    > > but not the fields in the form itself?
    > >
    > > why is that?
    > >

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