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Re: File Audit Dbase

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Ced, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Ced

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    Infinite number of files
    60 responsibles persons
    8 districts & a manager for each district
    Each file is unique and has a file number and date of incident

    So for each file, a number and date will be entered for the file. Then the
    responsible person will be assigned. Once the persons is entered the district
    of the responsible person. Then when the district is entered the manager can
    be determined (automatically if possible). Then the quarter/year for which
    the audit is taking place. And finally the 40 yes/no questions must be
    answered by the manager. I would like the yes/no answers to be totaled. And,
    it would be great to create a report stating this responsible person had this
    number of "yes" for question number 2 during year 20XX or the total number of
    total "yes"s for the year.

    Hope this was helpful. Thank you for any assistance.

    "TC" wrote:

    > Can you clarify the relationships between the following things?
    > - File
    > - Responsible Person
    > - District
    > - Manager
    > - Employee
    > - Audit
    > For example: "Each <File> has exactly one <Responsible Person>. But a
    > single <Responsible Person> can be responsible for many <File>s."
    > That is: how many of each thing can have, or relate to, how many of
    > each other thing.
    > If you give us all the statements of that form, relating the various
    > concepts together, we can easily suggest a proper table structure.
    > HTH,
    > TC (MVP Access)
    > http://tc2.atspace.com
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