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RE: Combo Box To Filter Records In A Tabular Form

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by LCSIV, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. LCSIV

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    your response looks very close to what I'm trying to do...

    I have a table With Columns A, B, C, (A = Key ID = Text)

    My form is set up as Default View = Single Form.

    I'm trying to set up Two Combo Boxes that filter the records that the form
    is looking at, and then have a third combo box that has the choices filtered
    to = the records available (A) after the filters are turned on

    First thing First...
    Filtering my form with a combo box,
    Here is what I have

    Private Sub B_AfterUpdate()
    If Len(Me.B.Text) = 0 Then
    Me.Filter = ""
    Me.FilterOn = False
    Me.Filter = " = " & Me.B
    Me.FilterOn = True
    End If
    End Sub

    Something is not right with this... An error message comes up and asks me to
    "Enter Parameter Value". Then it shows the value I selected on the dropdown
    list and then has a text box for me to enter text into. If I enter any of
    the values from my list it will filter the records the way I want them to.
    What is wrong in my code that is causing the lost of the “Parameter Value�

    How do you get two of these combo boxes to work together? I need to be able
    to filter by one or the other, and both. (Is it possible to add other combo
    box filters to this string if I had more columns to work with i.e. D, E, F, G)

    How do you get the Wizard generated Record Selecting Combo Box [A] to be
    limited to the records returned from the Filter?

    Thanks for your help
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